Malawi President Gives Award for Health Workers Fighting COVID-19


04 Aug, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Malawi President Gives Award for Health Workers Fighting COVID-19

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has reported the presentation of extraordinary honor for most committed wellbeing laborers in the battle against COVID-19. 

Talking during his week after week national location Saturday night, Chakwera said five wellbeing laborers designated by different clinical affiliations will get the honor like clockwork for their devotion to work. In any case, wellbeing laborers state granting just five individuals isn't adequate. 

Malawi keeps on enlisting an expansion in the instances of COVID-19. 

The coronavirus circumstance update report from the Presidential Taskforce Force on COVID-19 shows as of the Saturday evening, Malawi had 4,186 instances of COVID with 120 passings. 

The report likewise said around 100 new cases are being affirmed each day, whose transmission is currently for the most part nearby. 

Be that as it may, President Chakwera said in spite of the spike in affirmed COVID-19 cases, about portion of those found with the infection have just recuperated completely. 

He says "This is to a great extent an a sound representative for our human services laborers, who have fearlessly put themselves in danger to test many individuals consistently, giving isolate rules to the individuals who are discovered positive and giving consideration to those needing hospitalization." 

Chakwera depicted the wellbeing laborers as champions who are giving up their lives against numerous chances, including discouraging working conditions, drained clinical supplies, and breaking down wellbeing offices. 

He says "Without them, we would basically get no opportunity and no expectation against this pandemic, since they are really our last line of resistance." 

Chakwera presented the Zikomo Presidential Award as a badge of gratitude to the most devoted medicinal services laborers. 

Wellbeing laborers state they value the motion however state granting just five wellbeing laborers is certainly not a smart thought. 

Yells Simeza, the executive for Human Resource for Health Coalition, told VOA through phone that right now every wellbeing laborer is striving to the degree that some are in any event, getting tainted with coronavirus. 

Measurements show that around 350 wellbeing laborers have so far tried COVID-19 positive in Malawi, with one demise. 

"Likely the honor in my view and speaking to all wellbeing laborers in Malawi, there ought to be a widespread standard honors to all wellbeing laborers, And I would recommend that possibly the honors would be worldly waiver of duty on pay rates for wellbeing laborers," he said. 

Simeza says other than grants, the administration ought to likewise consider tending to the deficiency of clinical specialists in open medical clinics which is influencing the battle against the spread of coronavirus. 

Wellbeing Minister Khumbize Chiponda says the legislature is tending to that. 

"We are making a decent attempt. We have figured out how to get around 700 wellbeing laborers, various frameworks; attendants clinicians, clinical associates, wellbeing reconnaissance collaborators just to attempt to overcome any issues. It isn't sufficient yet we need to begin from some place," said Chiponda. 

President Chakwera has requested that Malawians watch preventive measures against the pandemic, which incorporate, social separating, wearing face covers and customary hand washing, as the nation attempts to figure laws to uphold these measures.


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