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September 15, 2022

V11 Tinashe Haana Kuba $30,000 USD - USA Customs Haibvumire Kuti Munhu Apinde Ne Over $10,000 USD Cash Munyika

Mai TT is claiming  Tianshe Maphosa stole $30,000 USD Cash  from her house and flew with the money to USA. Read the law of what happens when you travell with over $10,000 cash in America. What happens if you don't declare at customs? Failure to declare monetary instruments in amounts valued more than $10,000 can result in its seizure. If you are caught crossing the border with any amount of undeclared cash in excess of $10,000 USD you will almost certainly have it seized from you.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by ZimSocial (@zim_social)  

September 07, 2022

Vanonditi Ndiri Ngochani - Munhu Wamwari Sabastian Magacha Oramba Cyber Bullying - Chinangwa Changu Kuparidza Shoko RaMwari

GOSPEL sensation, Sabastian Magacha, claims he is a victim of cyberbullying. The singer says his dress code and energetic performances have earned him names. He claims some of the social media bullies were now calling him gay, owing to his dress code. He also revealed he has been labelled a drug addict because of the energy he exudes on stage. Below an extract from the damning message he posted on his Facebook page: “Handina kumboziva hangu kuti mapfekero angu akashata uyezve kuti ndatovangochani nekudakwe hembe dzangu. “Handina kumboziva kuti energy yandinayo nekufara kwandinoyita zvirikureva kuti ndakuyita zvema drugs, mbanje,etc. “All I ever wanted was and is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. “I know that I cannot be able to please everyone

September 05, 2022

Tinashe Maphosa Bans Mai TT Best Friend Ketina From Making Money On Facebook Promises Mai TT Next Vakasadzikama

Mai TT best friend Ketina has lost her income from Facebook after Tinashe Maphosa reported her account for abuse and bullying. Ketina must of been getting paid by Facebook together with Mai TT and have a close relationship making money on Facebook.  TInashe got tired of the abuse on Facebook and reported Ketty for bullying And her income has been stopped. Mai TT was aware that Tinashe would report her account so she used Ketina , Tatelicious and other socialite pages so Tinashe could not report her main page. But Tinashe has promised to stop Mai TT from making money on Facebook is she mentions his name. See posts from Ketina below. Ko ndaitaseiko nhai mudhara zukabegi inga handichakururi nguyo wani makundidzikisira pay seizve mukoma zuka musadero ndakatoibajetera mari iyoyo

September 01, 2022

Prophet Magaya A Hero In Mozambique

There was commotion at the airport as journalists rushed towards the Man of God upon his arrival in Mozambique. In his own words the Man of God said, "What a great welcome!" *The Man of God was also received the family of the First Lady of Mozambique as well as the second President of Mozambique His Excellency Joaquim Chissano.* Magaya hero in Mozambique

August 24, 2022

Pokello Ofa Nekuseka Guhwa Rekuti Ane Mimba

instead, she chooses to give relationship advice Edwin Nhukarume SOCIALITE and entrepreneur, Pokello Nare, has laughed off social media claims that she recently delivered a baby. Social media has been awash with congratulatory messages for Pokello’s “new-born baby.” contacted the ‘‘Queenofswagger’’ for clarification and she dismissed the rumours. “Isn’t it what has been said for the past three, four years?” asked Pokello, as she laughed it off. Meanwhile, she recently shared some relationship advice on social media, which received a lot of reactions, from her followers. Comedienne and socialite, Madam Boss, was among the followers who reacted to the humorous and witty advice, about relationships. &ldquo

August 21, 2022

Mai TT Looking For A Lawyer To Divorce Tinashe Maphosa

Nyaya yekungopinda mumamariage atisingazive 🙌looking for a Lawyer kana rekuAmerica rinondiitirawo verification kuti chibepa chandinacho chiri legit here if so I need to dissolve it ASAP . Unosungirirwa muzvinhu zvinokucosta mangwana plus unoda freedom yako kwete kuzonzi you are married to a Ghost.  I know this page has got everyone from Attorneys to Diplomats, I need to have my peace zimunhu rakandichatisa ndakaribvunza kuti zvaive legit here if so tiite divorce peacefully rakabva randibloka. Ndirikungodao verification please ndizive kuti ndotora route ipi. Please call me on 0773633381 or app. Unogara neCertificate rine mahorror mukati. Ndatenda.

August 08, 2022

Mai TT Votuka Rutendo Samas Wakarambwa Nekudya Murume Wako Tea Bag - Siyana NeMarriage Yangu Hapana Zvaunondiudza

If you keep quiet for 10 days I will give you $3000 ?🧐 My dear I can raise $3000 in a week I don’t need 10 days of silence to be given $3000 . Kutomuka kutokwesha man”a kunotengesa week chairo ndendanayo. Usanyonyonditreater like ndatambura zvekudaro wangu. Mariyako will be the last I need . Keep your money or buy your whiskey 🥃 and wait for me to give you content. Nyangwe zvikweret zvakatorwa naTinashe ndada ndinongobhadhara but kutongorwadziwa kuti I’m paying zvandisina kutora. I work hard inini being down for 2 minutes does not mean I won’t rise .  Siyana neni. Siyana neni. Siyana neni. Wakarambana nemurume wako, you also came and you vented here, uchidhakwa, dancing naked talking about teabag wat wat, we knew teabag because of you . Now you wa

August 07, 2022

Hanzi Na Mai TT At This Juncture Ndoda Kukumbira Ruregerero Kuma Fans Angu Panyaya YaApongosi Tinashe Maphosa

I want to take this time to apologize to all my dear fans who have been with me and for me from the beginning till now . I’m not perfect because I’m only human thts why you see each time when provoked I go to the extreme with my anger . I don’t know how to control my anger and I end up saying things I do not want to expose ending up exposing myself in the process. I’m someone who builds other people be it business, charity work, assisting people etc. I even counsel other people s marital problems and I do not encourage divorce or women to disrespect their husbands, yet I’m not in a perfect marriage myself but I never tell people do as I do but I always say do as I say . I’m judged a lot because I’m outspoken and all my life I defend my

August 03, 2022

Mai TT Votenda Tatelicious Mushure Mekunge Aramba Kuti Tinashe Maphosa Avafumure PaPage Rake

Like I said I’m going to bear it all soon So is Tate not taking Tinashe s side . Nobody is being forced to take sides , at the end of the day , the reall truth will come out . No need to force anyone, we are all adults. Tinashe has a page wich he recently changed from private account to “Public figure meaning he s already taking himself as a public figure , I’m sure he s working on coming on live soon without being told what to do . This guy is 50 years old , old enough to know what to do , hapana kudzvanyirirwa, he s playing his cards smarter than me .He will speak. If nobody is giving him platform ngaauye pano timupe platform. Wifi is there justice should be served . Thank you Tate for putting our beef aside and standing for me on this one.

July 29, 2022

Mai TT Votadza Kuenda KuCourt Kunyaya YaEvidence Chihera Pamusoro Pezvikwereti Zvemuchato ZvaTinashe Maphosa

COMEDIENNE Felistas “Mai TT” Murata was in no-show at court yesterday in the matter in which she is accusing Evidence Chihera of cyber bullying. Evidence Chihera, whose real name is Moreblessing Evidence Jiri, appeared before Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Miti, who remanded the matter to August 28, for trial commencement. The court heard that Jiri runs a Facebook page by the name Evidence Chihera and, on June 1, she allegedly posted a live video of herself saying Mai TT’s children were raped by an insane person she lives with. The State alleges that the Evidence Chihera’s page is accessible to everyone who logs into Facebook. It is the State’s case that the live video footage was done with intent to harass, bully or cause substantial emotional dis

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