April 17, 2022

Tatelicious Says Mai TT Wedding Was A Promotion Cooperative - Hapana Chakabhadharwa Kwaiva KuPromoter Hembe Nemakeke

The Queen of Entertainemt is back and not  playing games. This time the queen is saying Mai TT, wedding to Tinashe Maphosa was nothing but a promotional event for Jan Jam and the prople who backed the cake see video below.  

December 01, 2020

Jah Prayzah Releases New Video For Mwana Wamambo

POPULAR musician, Mukudzei Mukombe, better known as Jah Prayzah will today launch the video to popular track, Mwana waMambo. The video premiers on You Tube at 10am Monday. Mwana waMambo is off Jah Prayzah’s 10th album, Hokoyo and considered the best of the lot by a significant number of his fans. Jah Prayzah did not initially have plans for a video to accompany the track but pressure from fans, on various social media platforms, forced him to produce one. The video was shot at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge, a joint near Ngezi while a few other scenes are from Mukuvisi Woodlands. In a write-up on the countdown promo, Jah Prayzah says: “This video illustrates the struggles of a young man who wishes to marry the King’s daughter yet he is not from royal blood lines.

November 09, 2020

Video Of Tatelicious Claiming Zanu PF & DJRimo Vakauraya Ginimbi

Tatelicious just posted a video in which she is saying she knows that ZanuPF hired DJrimo to kill Ginimbi. Acording to Tatelicious General Chiwenga was involved in the plan since Ginimbi was related to Mary Chiwenga his ex-wife watch the video below.   Related Story SOCIALITE Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure , who died in a horror car accident along Borrowdale Road in Philadelphia, Harare, Sunday morning, will have his plush Domboshava mansion turned into a hotel as per his wish, close family members have said. Ginimbi (36) died when his Rolls-Royce Wraith collided head-on with a Honda Fit while driving back to his Domboshava home in the company of Limumba Karim, believed to be of Malawian origin, and two female passengers. He was pulled out of the car followi

October 12, 2020

Evidence Chihera Fires Back At Mai TT Uriguva Ririkufamba & Unokara Mdoro

Evidence Chihera Is Firing back at Mai TT after she called her Nguruve. Evidence told Mai TT you are fake and you lie about where you got your HIV you blame Baba TT for nothing. Evidence told Mai TT that "Unokara mboro too much iwewe' Evidence went on to expose Mai TT for scamming people in the diaspora money. Watch the video below 

October 02, 2020

Mai TT Shares Story Of How Her Friend Wanting Kuvauraya For Her Money

Mai TT shared a horror story of how her friends tried to make her personal assistant Wasu  kill her and take all her money. Mai TT was in shock and has taken the friend to court watch the video below. Comedienne Felistas Murata, better known as Mai TT, took one of her colleagues to court for inciting one of her friends and a personal assistant to kill her claiming she was a moving grave. Mai TT took Kristle Smasher to the Harare Magistrates’ Court complaining that she incited her personal assistant Morepower Masimba Gombe and Patricia Jeke to suffocate her to death while on a hospital bed. Smasher is being charged with incitement. She appeared before magistrate Mrs Sharon Rakafa. Smasher was granted $900 bail and ordered to return to court on October 15 for tria