May 12, 2022

EEG Led By Mike Chimombe Replaces Phillip Chiyangwa's AAG As Zimbabwe's Empowerment Group

 EEG Led By Mike Chimombe Replaces Phillip Chiyangwa's AAG As Zimbabwe's Empowerment Group. EEG had its first official conference and names its members. EEG was formed after its leadership was fired by Phillip Chiyangwa with no notice. The former leadership announced that they would form thier own empowerment group which would help all Zimbabweans unlike AAG  which is owned and in Phillip Chiyangwas trust. Below is a video of EEG naming iits leadership.             View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by ZimSocial (@zim_social) Chimombe was the fou

April 29, 2022

Obert Karombe’s Ovigwa Manhera Vanhu Vovhunduka

The late Mutare based socialite Obert Karombe‘s burial has sparked controversy after it emerged that he was buried at night. Many were left wondering what could have caused his family to bury him ‘late’ using torches with some concluding that there might be ‘black magic’ involved. However, Obert Karombe’s family is yet to issue a statement on the issue. Some of the comments on Facebook read: Howard Tonde wrote: Why buried at night? Elvis Chamunorwa wrote: Pachishona chedu munhu anovigwa usiku ndiMambo ndisingazozivewo aive wehumambo hupi iyeyu? Kim wrote: Why was he buried at night? Obert Karombe died in a car accident whilst travelling with his girlfriend last weekend.   His girlfriend who uses the name @mamagi

April 26, 2022

Zimbabwean Youths Vodhakwa NeMuto Wema Used Diapers & Sanitary Pads They Boil

In Kuwadzana, a high-density residential suburb in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, the day begins as early as 5am for many of the working class – from vegetable sellers to bus conductors, like 19-year-old Thomas Gundawo*. For loading a seven-seater vehicle after soliciting passengers at the top of his voice at the bus stop, Gundawo gets ZWL$100 ($0.45). By 8am, he would have pocketed only about $3, insufficient to buy food and either broncleer – a street drug mixture of cough syrup with alcohol and codeine – or dagga (marijuana). So, he and his friends have resorted to a far cheaper alternative – adding water to the white residue found in used diapers and boiling it. “After boiling, it forms a greyish substance and we drink the mixture,” Gundawo t

April 12, 2022

Pilot Akatakura Mai TT In Helicopter At Wedding Dies In Helicopter Crash

News coming out is that the pilot who carried Mai TT to her wedding in a helicopter has dies in a crash. What we know so far is that the helicopter crash happened in Mhondoro. The pilots name wasCaptain Peter Chirimuuta Several media outlets are reporting. The Helicopter that carried Mai TT to the wedding venue crashed moments after leaving the venue💔 . Although our team couldn’t confirm the news, Facebook user ‘Ottie Chocdee’ posted on her platform paying her tribute to the pilot by the name Shefu Chillaz. The Helicopter crashed in the late afternoon today, he crashed in Mhondoro area, in a mountain, Air Force sent a rescue helicopter afterwards, but he was no more when they arrived on the scene some 45 minutes later. It’s the same helicopter used by ma