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July 29, 2022

The Most Educated Man On Mafira Kureva Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Of Mai TT & Tinashe Maphosa Short Lived Marriage

The following is a missive I authored on April 10, 2022. I was intellectually crucified by cat family and they conveniently flashed the “ godo” card on me. In hindsight, what I authored has now come to pass . Be that as it may , I wish Felistas a speedy recovery. More importantly, it’s imperative to do things for yourself not to impress people . My great grandfather taught me never to “ kick a man when he is down “ . “In the wake of a momentous wedding of Tinashe and Felistas , it’s natural for myriad of people to be left agaze in awe and stupefaction. Palpably, when one historicises and contextualises the genesis of their relationship that culminated to this event, in a very short period of time, one can easily conclude that something is weird

July 20, 2022

Stunner & Olinda To Reunite At The Annual Olinda Chapel High Tea 2022

High Tea 2022 performing artist number 2 Meet Stunner da Des. Award winning musician with hit songs like Godo, Ndoenda, Painkiller and Stella 2015 - Top 20 African Best Hip Hop artiste at the South African Hip Hop Mag Awards (Nominated) 2016 - Best Hip Hop Video at the Zim Hip Hop Awards (Won) 2016 - Best Dressed Award at the Zim Hip Hop Awards (Won) 2016 - People's choice Award at the Zim Hip Hop Awards (Won) 2019 - Hip-Hop Personality of the Year at the Changamire Festival Awards (Nominated) 2019 - Song of the Year and Best Video (Kwese) Changamire Festival Awards (Nominated) #kunastunnernsokwatoenda https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/.../olinda-chapel-foundation...

July 15, 2022

Jinda Rinoimba Musambo We Zim Hip Hop Stunner Raduba Dee Panyaya Yekupomerwa Domestic Violence

Stunner just posted on his instagram that he has been found not guilty of domestic abuse towards his ex wife Dyone Tanaka. Stunner posted the following message on his instagram account. Stunner not guilty !!!! Court could not be fooled , haisi social media. Thank you to everyone that stood by me and to those that believe most of the social media nonsense, dzorai moyo coz dzimwe nyaya dzinoda vanhu vaviri . Let’s move on nebasa this Saturday Mutare flava town 16 July. Kuna Stunner Ndokwatinoenda…. #ThelastRealGee #RapperWekugumisira #vVvtt #Maivepiko I’m accepting ma congratulations acho.

July 06, 2022

Patricia Jack Aimbova Bhururu YaMai TT Yovafumura Felistas Anonyepa Zvekutopihwa Mukombe

Patricia Jack Aimboya Bhururu YaMai TT Yovafumura Felistas Anonyepa Zvekutopihwa Mukombe. Patricia Jack aimbova tsika nditsikewo waMai TT aita live achifumura Mai TT, Patricia afumura kubva kuhura nekunyepa kutenga imba nemotor kunoitwa na Mai TT. Watch the video below and listen to Patricia achifumura gure rese.  

July 04, 2022

Matikitivha Epa Social Media VoFumura Tinashe Maphosa Kuti Akangera Mai TT Motokari Second Hand Yaimbova Yachimhandara Joey

Mai TT & Tinashe Maphosa are in th middle of a scandal after they posted how Tinashe had posted that he had bought a car for Mai TT. Word coming out is that the car belongs to Joey. Mai TT posted the following on her Facebook

June 30, 2022

Will Olinda Chapel's Wedding Knock Out Mai TT's Wedding As Wedding Of The Year For 2022

Olinda Chapel & Tytan are getting married for the second time and this time around their wedding is going to be one of the biggest events of 2022 in the Zimbabwean community. Olinda will be getting married  on July 2 in the UK to the love of her like  Tytan. The wedding will be an exclusive event invite only gate crushers wont have a chance to get in. The Wedding will be at Fairmont Windsor - hotel,  Olinda had one of the best bridal and rooro events ever to be hosted by a zimbabwean. The event dress code was amazing that Zimbabwean social media  community is still talking about it. From the little information known about the wedding Olinda Chapel will be wearing a wedding dress designed in Kosovo. Valdrin Sahiti designer to celebrities like Beyonc&ea

June 27, 2022

Mai TT Vopembera Mushure Mekuti Dheliwe Apomerwa Mhosva Yekupondesa Murume Wake- Wanya Wakaratidza Vavengi Vangu Drezi Remuchato Wangu

Mai TT Vopembera Mushure Mekuti Dheliwe Apomerwa Mhosva Yekupondesa Murume Wake- Wanya Wakaratidza Vavengi Vangu Drezi Remuchato Wangu. So after I did a live asking her why she had to leak my pictures. She called me on my line and said don’t dare with what you do not know. If you have guts come to were I am right now I will show you the other side of me . Background were people shouting you messed with wrong people, your days are numbered . I almost went to face her but something told me Don’t go . I would have been RIP right now . Not everything beautiful you see is beautiful some people are beautiful Monsters . Those words keep ringing in my head 🙌

June 25, 2022

Mrstyllz Voshorwa Kunge Maguru Akagwamba Nevagari Vepa Instagram

Mayor of soft life Mrsyllz vakashorwa zvinopisa tsitsi nevadikani vake vepa Instagram. Vaka tsurwa pamusoro pekupenda musoro ,vachinzi murume upi anoda life yakapfava. Uyezve nenyaya yekuda Makuhwa. Mrstyllz woitwa kunge Tatari imbeweweee. Zvinzwireyi mega paVideo iro pasi.

June 16, 2022

Rumbidzayi Bvunzawabaya Ordered To Pay £17,500 For Unethical & Unprofessional Involvement Olinda & Tytan's Marriage

Looks like Rumbidzayi Bvunzawabaya is finally paying the price of her actions during the Olinda & Tytan breakup a few years ago. The UK Law association fines Rumbidzayi Bvunzawabaya £17,500 for her actions when she was Tytans Lawyer. She was founf guilty of acting unproffessional, using the infomation she new about Tytan & Olinda to promote her business. The law socialety even considered revoking Bvunzawabaya's law license but after she admitted  her guilt and showed remorse for her actions they settles on fining her. See the court documents Zimeyenews UK court reporter Robin Bhauwrey was about to obtain.  

June 15, 2022

President Mnangagwa Congradulates VP Chiwenga’s Marriage To Colonel Miniyothabo “Minnie” Baloyi

President Mnangagwa Congradulates VP Chiwenga’s Marriage To Colonel Miniyothabo “Minnie” Baloyi President Emmerson Mnangagwa has confirmed his deputy, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s marriage to Colonel Miniyathabo “Minnie” Baloyi. The news of Vice President Chiwenga’s new marriage has been trending across the country. However, until now, the government had not officially confirmed the relationship. On Wednesday afternoon, President Mnangagwa confirmed his deputy’s marriage to the nation and wished the couple well. Part of the statement released by Dr Misheck Sibanda, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, reads, His Excellency the President, Dr E. D. Mnangagwa, wishes to inform the Nation that Honourable Vic

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