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June 09, 2022

1202 Herbal Solutions Ordered To Pay Compensation To Kombi Owner

A LOCAL company, which sells herbs, has been ordered to pay a commuter omnibus owner, who is claiming compensation, for his accident-damaged vehicle. 1202 Herbal Solution, through its director Andy Balem aka Mambo Ndini, had hired the vehicle to ferry its workers sometime in September 2020, before the firm’s driver was involved in an accident. The High Court went on to award the commuter omnibus owner, Mathias Kabaya, a US$7 500 compensation in March last year, which the company failed to pay. Kabaya then obtained a writ of execution, where the Sheriff of the High Court attached 1202 Herbal Solutions’ property. However, another company Maryland Holdings (Pvt) Ltd claimed ownership of the same property. In an application, the Sheriff approached the High Court seek

June 05, 2022

Mai TT Hanzi Ndonoregerera Chihera Akandiudza Munhu Akamuudza Guhwa Revana Vangu

I’m willing to withdraw if she could tell me akamuudza kuti vana vakabatwa chibharo ndiyani? Anything else she says about me hazvina basa but iye as a victim of rape uye munhukadzi anofanira kuziva trauma tht comes with it.  When she shared her rape story you never heard me saying anything about it I even felt for her knowing what she probably went through but she has the guts to raise false allegations about my kids ???? My daughter went to school akabvunzwa kuti who raped you according to Chihera and why is your mom covering for you??  Do you know what my kid is going through right now ?? And you start saying hee iwe unotuka wani ?? Ndinomukotukamunhu asina zvaandiita here?? This story goes to how it started never for one ☝️ day yandakatuka munhu uyu, she insults

June 02, 2022

I Slept With Mermaids & Invisible Women Prophet Jay Israel Breaks His Silence

I Slept With Mermaids & Dead Women Prophet Jay Israel Breaks His Silence South African based Bulawayo Prophet Jacob Dube (aka Jay Israel) has revealed that he slept with spiritual women who stay under the sea and dead women for power exchange. In a thread on Facebook the Prophet said the spiritual women were possessive and do not want him to have relationships with other women. Read the thread below: I was married for 6 years to a very beautiful invisible woman who is very jealous. Some call them mermaids but i have a different perspective altogether about her. We had sexual intercourse through dreams. I met her  6 times in person as she would appear to me once every year but mostly we interacted through dreams  and when I attempted to get married three times in E

June 01, 2022

Zimbabwean Prophet Mellontik Orasi Predicts SA Singer Kelly Khumalo’s Death

“Tight Security Is Needed” Zimbabwean Prophet  Predicts SA Singer Kelly Khumalo’s Death A Zimbabwean prophet, Mellontik Orasi has taken to his Facebook page and shared that South African songbird Kelly Khumalo should start praying more because he is seeing “dark clouds rising.” The prophet claims that until the late soccer star Senzo Meyiwa’s murder case is finalised, Kelly’s security should be tightened. Mellontik Orasi wrote: Kelly Khumalo if you haven’t prayed before then start now. Dark clouds rising. In another post, the prophet wrote: Until the case is over proper security is needed for Kelly, cold blood murder. Don’t kill her! Responding to the post, it appears some Facebook users had no kind w

June 01, 2022

Zimbabwean Musician Mapfumo To Relocate To SA

Zimbabwean-born struggle hero and musician Thomas Mapfumo has sent a message of gratitude to chief Livhuwani Matsila of Matsila village outside Thohoyandou in Limpopo for offering him a piece of land. Seventy-six-year-old Mapfumo has been in exile in Canada and United States after Zanu-PF hounded him for his strong criticism of its economic policies. He has resolved to relocate to South Africa. Mapfumo is delighted to be offered a place. Affectionately called Mukanya, Thomas Mapfumo was born in Marondera, east of Zimbabwe in 1945. During the white-dominated regime in the then Rhodesia, Mapfumo’s music was mainly a rallying call to fellow Zimbabweans to join the liberation struggle. He was imprisoned numerous times without charges for his militant lyrics. After indep

May 26, 2022

Tinashe Maphosa Confirms Mai TT Is Pregnant With His Baby

"One of us is eating for two, while the other is drinking for two." With tears of joy, we are proudly announcing we are expecting a baby. We are so excited. I don’t know the right words to express my joy right now. From the hospital and it’s official now. We're expecting a baby soon!

May 25, 2022

Comedian Mai TT Maybe Pregnant With Tinashe Maphosa's Baby

Comedian Mai TT Confirms She Is Pregnant according to a Facebook post posted on her social media accounts. Ever since Mai TT married Tinashe Maphosa her main goal has been to have another baby abd it appears like her dream has come true. Tinashe Maphosa has on several occasions told Mai TT that his machine is powerful and that he would give her twins. Mai TT posted the following message. Quick question 🙋‍♀️  How did you feel when the doctor said  Congratulations you are pregnant 🥺😂😭? Izvezvi uchanzwa rimwe rakuti Mai TT vane nhumbu 😎😂

May 25, 2022

BaTea TheTimeTraveller Tells Zimbabweans Musafunge Zva2023 Musati Mapedza 2022 Vakawanda Vachatadza Kuipinda

Of all the predictions I have made accurately as a Time Traveller the one coming after MoneyPox maone.Its already written and it will change the way you see life forever. Musafunge zva2023 musati mapedza 2022 nekuti vakawanda vachatadza kukusvika. Gore rino harisati ratanga haro kuita mashura.Vanhu venyu vamunoterera vakataura vakawanda vacho hapana kana chinhu one kumberi chavari kuona. Hunzi nekuti zvataurwa naBaTea hazvina basa.Mati madii hapana zvamati maona.Covid was just a baby monkey pox kanhanha ako. Kundiso munamato wako chete. #TicTocTik #BaTeaTheTimeTraveller_Zw🇿🇼

May 23, 2022

Zimbabwean Rapper T-Mula Sues Showmax For R15m

Zimbabwean musician and entrepreneur Tapfuma Nzara, who is also known as T-Mula, is suing online streaming service Showmax  for R15 million for character defamation. The South African-based rapper is suing Showmax after it premiered an episode of Diamond and Dolls where Global Lumi drags him for poor service delivery. Lumi is recorded complaining to the rapper after his bartenders failed to make it on time for her birthday party preparation. After this episode was premiered without his consent, T-Mula who runs a car rental company engaged his lawyers of Monica Molapisi Attorneys, suing Showmax for portraying his company negatively. The Zimbabwean artist insinuated that his company has suffered a massive financial blow as clients have lost confidence with his brand following

May 18, 2022

DJTowers Ovhundutsa Norton MP Temba Mliswa -Ukaramba Uchituka Shefu Vangu Scott & Phillip Chiyangwa Ndichakukinditsa

DjTowers who is know for marinating rich people to gain favors and money is using his talent to gain money from Billionaires Scott Kupa & Phillip Chiyangwa. DJTowers just posted a video warning Norton MP Temba Mliswa to stop talking about  his bosses or he would deal with him personally. Fans of DJTowers and Temba Mliswa are waiting to see if Temba will respond to DJTowers threats. Temba Mliswa has challenged Phillip Chiyangwa and others to a boxing match but noone has excepted because Temba is know as Bhuru when its comes to fighting and making babies. We will update you as more information becomes available.

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