Couple Discovering They Are Siblings After 10 Year Marriage & 2 Kids


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Couple Discovering They Are Siblings After 10 Year Marriage & 2 Kids

An American couple is making waves on the internet after they announced that they discovered that are actually siblings. In a stunning announcement, the couple claimed that they discovered that they brother and sister after 10 years of marriage.

The couple’s announcement was made on the video-sharing social network site Tik Tok. In the short video, they claimed that they have just discovered that they are siblings. They revealed that they have been together for the past 13 years. Of those 13 years, they have been married for 10 years and have two children together.

They did not reveal further details as to how they had made the unpleasant discovery. Given that the two seem to share some similar facial features, the post blew up and went viral. In just about 72 hours, the post had attracted over 33,000 likes and over 7,000 comments.

Reactions to the post were mixed and encompassed a whole range of emotions. Some people expressed astonishment at how such a thing could have happened. They wondered if the couple’s families were at the wedding or if they meet for family reunions.

others commiserated with the couple and wondered how they would proceed following such a stunning discovery. Others were less charitable and said that the two should have known that they are related by merely looking at each other. Some also questioned why the two were sharing such a dark part of their lives with the world, opining that some things are best-kept secret.


Some were sceptical and said the so-called confession had all the hallmarks of a joke, albeit one in bad taste.  Below are just some of the reactions to the couple’s astonishing announcement.


There’s nothing you can do now but continue being married 

 pray about it – Nolwazi Lwazisana Ze

Your not the only ones I just found out that my husband and I are cousins we have been married 30 years so sad parents need to be honest – victoriafowler55


I could have saved you the trouble after seeing both of you together. You didnt find it odd that you look JUST ALIKE?? – D Dixon


I don’t think i would have shared that -Smith Benjamin

And why do I have to know that people have no damn boundaries in what they post. I don’t want to know that. – Len

Daddy must’ve been on the deacon board at a baptist church in Mississippi 


 Be popping out babies and not telling nobody about it ever. – Fees On Deck

You can tell. First thing I said they look alike – Walter Stewart


Okay some things you need to keep to yourself – hersheymann0721


I found out in 8 seconds into the video before your disclosure.- Dee Tee

Didn’t you see the resemblance. I saw it before listening to you. – ChicMay

You both have to blame yourself, 13 years and your didn’t know each other parents, you know what, your just continue your sweet relationship.

move to a far away state and don’t talk about this no more. oh and never ever go back home. – Charity

That’s why family always keeping secrets..Things like this does happen.. I know a someone who had a child out of his marriage a Son was born – lindajenkins305

This is why I say drop the bitter feelings and allow your kids to know there other siblings. – DuetDiva718

The fact that y’all look like TWINS wasn’t a clue? – ThePlatinum Rose

Is this a joke because they already look alike – nakia yearling


Is y’all lying? Is this next level dry comedy? – Shabs Free


Some stuff ain’t for the public – user7663533325677

Is this a joke because they already look alike – nakia yearling

Unfortunately, cases of couples discovering that they are siblings are not as rare as you may think.  Back in 2014, a Brazilian couple shockingly discovered that they were brother and sister after a solid seven-year marriage and a six-year-old daughter together.  In 2011, a South African couple who had been in a relationship for 5 years was devastated to learn that they were also brother and sister just before they were about to marry.  The two who had been raised by single parents made the shocking discovery when they introduced each other to their families.  They learned that they were actually siblings who were separated following their parents’ bitter divorce.