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Doves Says Lawyer Of Empty Coffin Family Wanted US$123 000 & SUV Or He Would Leak Story

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30 Oct, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Doves Says Lawyer Of Empty Coffin Family Wanted US$123 000 & SUV Or He Would Leak Story

The bizarre case in which Doves Holdings Zimbabwe has been accused of giving a grieving family an empty coffin has taken a fresh new twist. This comes after Doves counter-attacked and accused the lawyers of the grieving family of trying to extort them.

According to the funeral services company, one of the lawyers gave the company an ultimatum to give him US$123 000 and an SUV within 12 hours or else he would tarnish their image by publicising the bizarre case of the empty coffin.

The family of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe has alleged that Doves gave them an empty coffin when they wanted to bury their relative. The family, which is being represented by ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice, has alleged that upon realising the shocking mistake, Doves launched a massive cover-up that involved burying the body of the deceased in a mass grave.

Now Doves has accused Fungai Chimwamurombe, a senior partner at ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice, of trying to extort them.  Below is the letter from Doves Holdings’ lawyers, Mutangamira and Associates, over the matter,


1. We refer to your letter dated the 26th of October 2021 and advise that we act on behalf of Doves Funeral Services Private Limited (“Doves”). Please note our legal interest.

2. As you are aware our Client advised the policyholder, the immediate family and the traditional leadership of an enquiry relating to the burial of the deceased. The engagement between our Client and the mentioned parties was cordial and mutually respectful. In accordance with cultural, legal and ethical considerations, the nature of the discussions between the parties remain confidential.

3. We however note that in the past forty-eight (48) hours your partner, Mr Fungai Chimwamurombe, invoked a parallel process in which he made incessant personal demands divorced from the ongoing engagement.

4. In particular, it is on record that your partner demanded to be immediately bought a brand new SUV motor vehicle and be personally paid USD$ 123 000.00 (One hundred and twenty-three thousand United States Dollars) within a period of less than twelve (12) hours. It is on record that your partner threatened to publicly scandalise our Client unless his personal demands were met.

5. All efforts by the immediate family members of the deceased and our client to deal with the matter in terms of the law were strongly rebuffed by your partner.

6. Regrettably, after realising that our Client was committed to a process already agreed, your partner proceeded to widely circulate a letter supposedly addressed to our Client.

7. It is important to mention that the contents of your letter are neither factually correct nor do they disclose the failed forcible attempts made by your partner to be personally paid.

8. Our Client remains committed to the agreed process and considers the illicit efforts by your partner to be unwarranted in the circumstances.

9. We trust that your partner will give due consideration of his personal demands on the matter in light of the clearly communicated position by the immediate family. In the public interest at the relevant time, our Client and the immediate family will make the necessary communications in order to set the record straight.

10.The sensitivity of the mutual discussions and our Client’s ethical commitments bind us to advise you accordingly.


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