Maitt And Ketina Have Destroyed Mmany Peoples Lives They Both Need Professional Help Let's Mot Tolerate These People Hapana Watinombonzwira Tsitsi See Why

Dear bridesmaid from all the Camps:


There is a great impact through association, could be bad or good. Who you associate with will shape what you become in life. Your circle determines your circumstances. What you feed your mind with is what you will also become "as a men thinketh so is he". Everything which happens is first spiritual then it manifest in the natural. All these lives that we are always running after, what are they doing to our spirits, are we growing or we are partakers of the evil spirits in the name of entertainment. The devil has too much power on social media. We are enablers of these evil spirits, we nature, water and caltivate them. Anything that does not glorify God, glorifies the devil. What have we become, we have lost respect for ourselves. We have forgotten who we are, we are ALL children of God, who were made in his own image, we are peculiar, we are a royal priesthood. Do you think God has kept us alive to be hating on each other, insulting each noooo God is not that cheap there is a better big plan for us. Let's grow up and not entertain anyone hating on anyone, let's spread love because we are ALL not perfect, because one day uchamira wega to answer to your God. Nhasi let's have some self introspection kuti do I really want to be a devils enabler, a devil worshipper??? Munhu akaita live achituka let's not support it. I pray for Ketty and Felly to introspect on their lives so that they repent and find God achirikuwanikwa. They have both destroyed a lot of people but there is a God in heaven who sees beyond their mistakes and his love for them changes not. He still has bigger plans for them. To the parties who are involving themselves or who are stoking the fire behind closed doors, PLEASE STOP God.


Ketty please concentrate on your kids, we see you, you are not okay. Seek1 professional help. You are a great person and God loves you.

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