Obert Karombe’s Ovigwa Manhera Vanhu Vovhunduka

The late Mutare based socialite Obert Karombe‘s burial has sparked controversy after it emerged that he was buried at night.

Many were left wondering what could have caused his family to bury him ‘late’ using torches with some concluding that there might be ‘black magic’ involved.

However, Obert Karombe’s family is yet to issue a statement on the issue.

Some of the comments on Facebook read:

Howard Tonde wrote:

Why buried at night?

Elvis Chamunorwa wrote:

Pachishona chedu munhu anovigwa usiku ndiMambo ndisingazozivewo aive wehumambo hupi iyeyu?

Kim wrote:

Why was he buried at night?
Obert Karombe died in a car accident whilst travelling with his girlfriend last weekend.


His girlfriend who uses the name @mamagirl_aley on Instagram survived the crash but is reported to be suffering from a broken spine.

Following his death, a lot has been said  about him with some people sympathising with him while others suggested he used black magic.

In one of black magic incidents cited, H-Metro reported that two years ago, a bolt of lightning struck his cattle, at his Beatrice Farm, killing 15 beasts.

The incident happened at 4pm.

Karombe is said to have disposed of the beasts by burying them.

Meanwhile, Christ Redemption Ministries International pastor Prophet Mellontik Orasi has claimed that he had seen the death of the Mutare based socialite but he ignored and mocked him.

According to the prophet, Karombe said he hangs out with real prophets.

Following Karombe’s death, Prophet Mellontik Orasi took to his Facebook page and wrote:

Kindly note I contact every person I see a misfortune but this recent one mocked me and said he hangs out with real prophets and I wanted fame out of my name.

Sometime in November last year, Prophet Mellontik Orasi took to his Facebook page and wrote:

Another young millionaire is passing away very soon.

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