Teemak & Bishop Chipunza Ignoring & Hiding From Scammed Investors

Teemak and his Father Bishop Chipunza have stopped communicating with Investors and may of gotten away with over USD $250K. Bishop Chipunza had personally assured the scammed investors that he would  make Teemak pay  everyone and them his story changes to were he  would use his own money to pay the investors. Since these lies from the man of God were made over 3 weeks ago no investors has been paid and both the Bishop and his frauster son Toana Chipunza have stopped communicatiing with Investors and have left all the investment groups. Bishop Chipunza has not responded to messages from investors and Teemak have been hiding for over 2 months  now since his scam was exposed.

Teemaks sister Namattai Chipunza who was involved in collecting money in thie scheme has also made false promises to investors teling them shoe would use her own money to pay them to help her brother. those promises have be false as well as investors have nowhere to turn to. See below a message from Namatai to investors.

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