Uebert Angel Cleared Of All Charges

Uebert Angel cleared of all charges

Following the recent broadcasting of Al Jazeera ‘gold mafia’ documentary which suggested that Ambassador Uebert Angel was complicit in the illegal trade of gold smuggling to Dubai and money laundering using state institutions,  investigators have concluded that the information aired in the documentary was  inaccurate and malicious.

The investigation found that Ambassador Angel was Falsely Accused of Gold Smuggling and transnational organised crimes after it became apparent that no research was conducted or verified prior to the broadcast of the documentary and no evidence was ever found.   It is infact suggested that this was an organised smear campaign against An ambassador who was executing his duties at the time of what investigators dubbed a ‘A political hit job’. They also found enough evidence that the amateur journalists, Simba Chikanza, who was the main researcher for this Documentary now seen by analysts as a dump squib is well known for repeatedly reporting inaccurate information and has been in and out of the UK courts in relation to this.

When the final episode 4 aired , The lost momentum and was found to be a smear campaign against a sitting abd democratically appointed president and Ambassador Angel was their unfortunate target. In a bid to tarnish the Ambassador’s name and discredit the work he has done for the benefit of the country in good faith despite the ongoing sanctions against Zimbabwe the researchers hurriedly did their job and missed a lot of important aspects that could have informed them this Ambassador At Large  who is not on any salary from the government was the wrong entity to target.

Investigators from the government and regional operatives working as a joint team also discovered that Al Jazeera reporters attempted to contact Ambassador Angel for comments upon concluding that the information shared within their documentary was inaccurate, however Ambassador Angel was unavailable for comments.

The spokesperson of the President of Zimbabwe, Mr George Charamba, said  “Ambassador Uebert Angel remains our Ambassador-At-Large and is still executing the demands of his Office as Instructed by His Excellency The president of Zimbabwe, Dr E.D MNANGAGWA

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