Mai TT Votuka Rutendo Samas Wakarambwa Nekudya Murume Wako Tea Bag - Siyana NeMarriage Yangu Hapana Zvaunondiudza

If you keep quiet for 10 days I will give you $3000 ?🧐
My dear I can raise $3000 in a week I don’t need 10 days of silence to be given $3000 . Kutomuka kutokwesha man”a kunotengesa week chairo ndendanayo. Usanyonyonditreater like ndatambura zvekudaro wangu. Mariyako will be the last I need . Keep your money or buy your whiskey 🥃 and wait for me to give you content.
Nyangwe zvikweret zvakatorwa naTinashe ndada ndinongobhadhara but kutongorwadziwa kuti I’m paying zvandisina kutora. I work hard inini being down for 2 minutes does not mean I won’t rise . 
Siyana neni. Siyana neni. Siyana neni.

Wakarambana nemurume wako, you also came and you vented here, uchidhakwa, dancing naked talking about teabag wat wat, we knew teabag because of you . Now you want to tell me how to run my marriage?? Kettle calling the other black . Tinashe wacho wakamufumura kangani pano? wakuuya uchiti hee ndrikutukireyi Murume? Really? Pafon pako pakauya vakadzi vangani vachituka Tinashe muchiseka??? Now you want to play Mai Musande??? I protected him from all of you how you used to drag him up and down, until he provoked me . He never provoked you but maingomuwanzira everyday. Mazoona tatukana pachedu ndimizve makuti haurespecter Murume? Koimi maimurespecter here ? You kept talking about him wani? Whatever I said about him you said it first . 
Kuda kuitwa ngirozi murimi makatiputsa from the onset. If not for voicenotes awakaleakisa , zvakakonzera ndirohwe because you wanted to destroy this from the word go. You are not sympathizing with neither me nor Tinashe . You are enjoying the fight because you are the referee. Usanyebere vanhu kuti we are meant to be together because we are psychos, at least we are sober psychos than one woman who drowns in alcohol everytime she wants to talk rubbish. 
At the end of the day we are all unhappy. If you were happy and content , you would stay out of my business.
As much as I’m not talking to Tinashe I wish he never falls in your trap. You don’t mean well for him , you enjoy seeing him single and suffering. Wakambot haasi type yako but you don’t want him to have a life ? As if you own him as if you own America. Mwari vakurove neshamhu chaiyo yaunodeserva iwe.

If you are rich you wouldn’t use my pain to earn stars.
Fix yourself before you try to fix me.
get your own content.  why use me and tate to create reels? this month the money you are getting from Facebook is from my name and that is sick. No sympathy at all , and you are just angry because I saw you don’t mean anything kind for me that’s why I left , tried to talk to you , you ignored my messages.
You also got mental issues waking up everyday talking about me , you stirred up all this shit happening right now from the word go . Releasing audios of ex to break me . And you honestly think I believe the pity party you playing, opening lines for people to talk Ill of me . You are the cause of the mental health you claim I have . Don’t fix what you caused .
Whoever is telling you you have a good heart is lying to you . You are the worst person I have came across. Tate s better besides the evil side you claim she has she stood up and wasn’t biased. You know the truth and you refuse to accept because you want to quest your hidden agenda.
You have to drink alcohol first to hide that shame to come and adress me . 
Wat a shame ✌️

Not desperate kuenda America ini.
I’m well established in Zimbabwe musandityisidzire nekuti I won’t enter America. I only came there for love wich I regrett right now . My platform on its own can take me to any country on my own. Hamuzi varidzi veAmerica imi. Enough of your threats . 
Ndinoshava muno munyika yangu and I’m proud life yangu irinani pane vamwe vanouya vachibragger pano. You want to pay for my silence pay better money . I’m not worth $3000 .
My status takes me to any country I want without your help .

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