Zanupf Dambudzo Kutonga Nyika Kusvika Mhuka Dzavekutiza Zimbabwe Kokuzoti Imi Vanhu

Large numbers of elephants from Zimbabwe's biggest national park are moving to neighbouring Botswana in a search for water, a spokesman said Monday. [SLIDE]






"Many animals have and are moving from Hwange National Park into Botswana" Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesman Tinashe Farawo Hwange National Park covers an area of more than 14 600 square kilometres and is home to about 50 000 elephants.





"Water bodies have dried up and the animals are in search for water and food," the spokesman said, adding that buffaloes and "all types of animals present in the park" were also migrating in scores.





"I can't quantify how many elephants have moved whether its hundreds or thousands but it has been a lot," he said of the migration which began in August.

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