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A Drained & Frustrated Mai TT Tells Evidence Chihera You Will Fall Soon Wazondidhokonya To The Last

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23 Oct, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

A Drained & Frustrated Mai TT Tells Evidence Chihera You Will Fall Soon Wazondidhokonya To The Last

A drained  Mai TT  did a Facebook live where she again warned Evidence Chihera tostop her games or she will fall for messing with her and Mr Obina. Mai TT told fans that Evidence thinks she is untouchable but it was a matter of time and evidence will fall soon. Mai TT said this was her last warning to Evidence because she has crossed a line. Watch the video below of Mai TT sending her last warning to Evidence.

Mai TT and evidence have had issues for tha last few months and tension has grown to new levels between these two ladies. Mai TT feels Evidence crossed the line when she mentioned Mr Obina and his family in her Guhwa lives.

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An Angry Mai TT Warns Evidence Chihera Wazoenderera This Will Not End Well For You If You Keep Talking About Obima Family
Mai TT has had enough of Evidence Chihera and has warned her for the last time telling her it will not end well for her if she keeps doing lives and talking about the Obina Family. Mai TT posted on her Facebook that Evidence was destroying people's relationships and live with her Guhwa shows . 
Evidence Chihera has been doing lives about Mai TT and her relationship with Mr Obina a Nigerian based in South Africa. Evidence claims to have information that Mai TT is faking the relationship and twill be paid $10k . To pretend to be with Mr Obina so she can help him get a Visa To The UK like she did with Zizoe . Below is what Mai TT posted .
Guys if you want to troll on me or my affairs better not touch people you don't know. 
This Evidence is going way out of line destroying people s relationships and making me to argue with my Obinas relatives. 
This Winnet Eze I once wished happy birthday is Obinas brother's wife not Obina s wife. 
These lives she s doing involving people who never wronged her or done anything is now costing ....
Please I have had enough and if you want my down fall , attack me not people who got nothing to do with you.
This family does not talk and now Evidence is causing a lot of issues. 
Evidence I ve warned you .... wazofarisa last. 
Wazoyenderera and wazoyendeyerera. 
Let me promise you ....THIS WILL NOT END WELL.....

Evidence Chihera Clapback To Mai TT & Mr Obina Musanyepere Vanhu Relationship Yenyu Is Fake

Evidence Chihera is not buying the latest video and post by Mai TT & Mr Obina that they are a real couple and happly in love. Chihera believes that Mr Obina and Mai TT are desparate and trying to prove to the world they are a couple. Evidence pointed that the kitched in the latest video posted by Mai TT  is not the same kitchen she posted a few weeks ago as Mr Obinas kitchen


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