Amai Koko Beauty A Rising Star

Amai Koko is a rising Zimbabwean socialite based in the united states. She made headlines in 2020 after her infamous Shower Dance on Stunner’s Live, which she then turned into a show called Tinogeza Tuesday. With the fastest growing online platform, she monetized her instagram and launched her cosmetics company Amai Koko Beauty.

Her products are being raved about by women in different countries and are available online at and in a beauty shop in town in Harare. Amai Koko is a mother of 2 balancing life and her new found fame. She is no stranger to controversy as she has been linked to high profile men in Zimbabwe,

including the likes of Prophet Israel Matthew, spiritual son of Passion Java. Amai Koko and Prophet Israel were in a relationship which was exposed to the public by popular socialite and comedian Tatelicious. Things took a nasty turn when her account was hacked by team twabam and the relationship ended. She has since leaked Prophet Israel’s nudes, romantic audio calls, and other V11’s in retaliation. In response, Passion Java wrote the song Screenshot I Gunshot by Roki.
Rumors are the two love birds who referred to eachother as Twin Flames are still in communication, but that has yet to be verified. Regardless of all the backlash she received from her affair. She has used her platform to inspire young women and aspiring entrepreneurs.

She has been an advocate for change in Zimbabwe encouraging the youth to register to vote in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections.d

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