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Amazing Story Of How Zimcelebs Created Celebrity Mwendza Wedrip

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20 Oct, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Amazing Story Of How Zimcelebs Created Celebrity Mwendza Wedrip

True to the old saying ‘age is nothing but a number’, 82-year-old Mwendamberi or Mwendaz WeDrip is testimony that it’s never too late to live your best life.

Mwendamberi real name Campion Tichaona Jani became a local social media sensation in June with his transformation looking like a ‘cool dude’.

Since his rise, Mwendaz has gained over 21 000 followers on Instagram and 4 endorsement deals.

Nehanda Radio caught up with the man behind the Mwendamberi brand, Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo from Zimcelebs.

Tafadzwa revealed that the idea behind creating the Mwendaz brand was to create something new, something that would refresh the entertainment industry.

“We just wanted to create something new.. . Something fresh for the industry and because of his age, Mwendaz was our best candidate… He was so perfect for the idea all we had to do was to add the drip to him,” said Tafadzwa.

While his peers are enjoying their retirement or merely spending their days basking in the sun, Mwendaz who is a former mechanic spends his days making skits and entertaining his fans on social media.

Many would wonder what his family thinks of him flooding social media wearing ripped jeans? Tafadzwa says the family is ‘cool’ with the idea.

“Of Course his wife is okay with the idea and his sons who are based in the UK even buy some drip outfits for him,” he added.

The hype around Mwendaz has helped him gain some endorsement deals which have proven to be financially helpful for him and his family.

Speaking about the financial benefits Mwendaz has received from the hype Tafadzwa said, “he is now a brand Ambassador for 4may international the beat shop in town that sells suits. He is a brand Ambassador for Hatipfeke Junk, a new clothing label.

He is a brand Ambassador for Skylimit Benz a company that specializes in Mercedes cars. He is a brand Ambassador for Shumba fashions and applause shop which sells clothes…

“He makes money from these deals and we are looking forward to working with more companies that means more money for Mwendaz.”

Speaking about the benefits of building the Mwendaz brand, Tafadzwa said he is just doing it for fun as he loves working with people who want to be famous.

“Haaa it’s just good to see a 82 year old living his best life. I do this for fun. I just love working with various people who want to be famous so I do it for the love,” said Tafadzwa.

Zimcelebs has been very instrumental in launching public figures. The platform has become a controversial yet most loved source of entertainment in the country. 


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