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Beverly Sibanda Says Her Marriage Is Perfectly Fine

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08 Jun, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Beverly Sibanda Says Her Marriage Is Perfectly Fine

Dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda says all is well in her marriage despite her post insinuating it might be over between her and husband,  Chambuka Mufudzi.

The 28-year-old’s post went viral but says she will not hesitate tell people if her marriage begins off tearing off. She posted:

 “Munhu anokuwana uchizvihurira okuroora, otanga kukuhurira zvakasimba obva otokanganwa kuti une chipo chawakagarira #kwinofsplits (One marries you whilst you will be involved in promiscuity, and he begins to do worse than you and forgets that you have the same talent that you are sitting on).
In an interview with H-Metro following her post, the Sexy Angels boss cleared the air.

 “It’s just a saying yaimbotaurwa mumastreets plus I am selling skin creams and immediately after that I posted an advert for the creams, which belong to my boss and my order is coming from Nigeria soon.
“We are working together and its juts a marketing strategy not what people are thinking.

“It’s more like I am about to start my business by for now working for someone,” she said.

 Asked on her current status of her marriage, Bev said everything is still fine.

 “Kana zvisisiri boe ndichakuudzai (If it’s no longer working I will tell you),” she said.


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Bev speaks on lavish life post-marriage
“I HAVE gained weight because I have nothing to do. I am only eating and sleeping these days,” Beverly Sibanda, who is popularly known as Bev, laughed out loud as she started the story about her life under the current Covid-19 lockdown.

“I am lucky because I have a loving husband who is taking great care of me. I do not have anything else to worry about. I am actually worried about the comfort that is making me grow this big. I have tried to do a few exercises at home, but I failed to sustain the schedule. I am looking for a personal trainer who can take me through the exercises every day.”

Since she got married in February this year, Bev’s life has been a point of discussion and speculation on many social media platforms.

The dancer got married to Chambuka Mufudzi, a United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean doctor and the union was solemnised at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.
It was initially rumoured that the raunchy dancer was pregnant, but she says she is not in a rush to have another baby.

Even her 11-year-old son felt jealousy when he heard that his mother was pregnant.

Stories about his mother do not only attract media attention, but the young boy gets to hear about them.

“He asked me about it one day,” said Bev.
“We are so close and he is free to ask about many things about me that he hears from some people. Someone told him about the rumoured pregnancy and he asked about it. I laughed it off and told him not to worry about losing attention from me because of a new baby. He is my only child for now. I will have another baby when I want. At the moment I am not ready.”

The dancer said she felt sorry for many artistes in her trade who have not been getting attention from promoters in this time of lockdown.

Many artistes have turned to online shows, but organisers of such events have been giving more attention to musicians, without considering dancers in their programmes
“I feel sorry for my fellow dancers. I think getting married was actually a blessing because I could have been suffering right now. There are no shows for dancers and there is little income for artistes across genres.

“I am a blessed Bev. I could quit dancing forever because I am having a good life, but I am in love with my trade and I will resume shows when everything gets back to normal.

“I am only worried about my weight at the moment because I know I will not last long on stage. Dancing needs serious fitness and that is why

I am looking for a personal fitness trainer. I want to remain fit and be able to get back on stage any day.

“I have already started skipping some meals in order to monitor my weight. The good thing is that I have peace of mind and I am getting the financial support that I need.”

Bev said she does not want to remain dormant and called on promoters to consider dancers when organising online shows.

“I am just eating, watching movies, browsing social media platforms and sleeping,” she said.

“That is my daily routine at the moment. I follow most debates on social media, but I rarely comment.

“I am disheartened that someone is running a fake Twitter account purporting to be Bev. I do not have a Twitter account. I am on Facebook and Instagram.”

Bev said her heart bleeds for fellow dancers struggling because of dwindling income.

Although she is apparently leading a good life, Bev says she could have been miles ahead, by now, if Covid-19 had not locked her down like many artistes.
“If it was not for the lockdown, Bev would be cruising in a BMW X3 right now,” she said.

“The car was bought before our wedding, but it is still to get here. The process of its delivery has been made slower because of the lockdown. I am waiting for my ride and I will have it soon.”

Bev said she will eventually join her husband in the United Kingdom, but at the moment she wanted to continue with her trade.

“I am looking forward to a happy time with my husband,” she said. “I will eventually quit dancing and stay with him. At the moment he supports my job very well and wants me to proceed with it. I am happy because my heart is still with the stage. I will continue dancing for some time before I can commit myself to the work of a housewife.”

Bev turned 34 on April 3 and says she was treated to a lavish day that would have made headlines if it had taken place outside the lockdown era.

“I had planned a serious birthday bash, but the lockdown changed everything,” she said.
“I wanted to have a historic party. It would have been the talk of town. However, I still enjoyed the treat I had from my husband. He sent me some money and I spoiled myself on the day. I had a good time with my son.

“We spent about two hours on the phone with my husband and I enjoyed myself as we celebrated the day. It was one of the best birthdays in my life.”

Speaking from his UK base, Mufudzi said he was doing his best to support his wife and wanted the best for her on and off the stage.

“All is well between us and I will keep supporting her,” he said. “I have known her as a dancer for a long time and I will support her art until she decides to retire from the stage. I will keep supporting her with everything she needs.

“I want her to be happy and I am looking forward to a time when we can be together under one roof.”


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