Bussinesman Of The Year Mambo Ndini - Top Influencer Mai TT & Non Mashonaland People Snubbed From 40 Most Influential Young Leaders Awards

Zimbabwes Businessman of the year  Mambo Ndini and most influencial social media personality Mai TT  not in the list of Young and most Influencial Leaders ,

Twelve02 Herbal Solutions  a company that spe­cialises in natural herbs - won big at the eighth edi­tion of the Zimbabwe Busi­ness Awards (ZIBA) held last Fri­day.

The com­pany emerged the winner in the Company of the Year and Brand of the Year cat­e­gories while its owner Andy Zimunya re­ceived the Businessman of the Year award. 

Yet Mambo Ndini is not Inlcuded in the list. 

Amai TT has 351K followers on Instagram and 855K followers on Facebook yet she is not on the list. Mai TT is the most influencial social media personality in Zimbabwe. Even though she is very controversial her influence cannot be denied.

 If we look into the list if you are not based in Mashonaland you are not on the list. This under 40 and most influencial is the most biased and corrupt list ever. the people who made this list were eather bribed and confused see the list below



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