Celebrity Couple Alert Thomas Chizhanje Meets Tatenda Lynn aka Ginimbi Cute Girl

Zimbabwes top 5 handsome celebrity Thomas Chizhanje maybe off the market which is a huge disapointment to many Zimbabwean girls. Thomas posted a photo with China based socialite and business woman Tatenda Lynn Kamunda. Tatenda Lynn Kamunda who gained fame when she posted her famous Ginimbi is cute and handsome video when she visted the late Ginimbi at his Domboshava mansion.  On monday Tatenda Lynn  was live with Thomas Chizhanje and told him that "ndodakukwirana newe". Watch the video below.

Looks like the two met today our reporters are waiting to confirm if Ginimbi cute girl got her wish from Thomas and also wether they are now a couple. This is a developing story we will be updating. See the photo posted by Thomas.

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