Congratulations Evidence Chihera Buys Herself A Car

Hard work pays off Zimbabwean musician and socialite Evidence Chihera is proof that good things can happen if you put your heart & effort into it. Evidence just bought herself a new car. Evidence Chihera is one of the top Influencers in the Zimbabwean Social Media circles . She has a huge following on Facebook where thousands of people watch her weekly as she dished out the latest Guhwa happening in Zimbabwe.

Evideonce posted a photo of her new car see the photo below.

My new baby thank you Jesus nekungondida so kundirangarirawo so vamwe vari busy kunditarisira pasi imi mune maonero enyu. Grace sweet huya tipemberere chihure che two cents. Ndakaunganidza ma two cents akatenga Mota.,Team chihera faraiwo neni

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