Evidence Chihera Exposes Mai TT Iwe Chikiti Handikutye & Unonyepa Mr Obina Has 2 Sons

Evidence Chihera is not scared or intimidated by Mai TT & Mr Obina threats that she will fall. Evidence did a live in which she called Mai TT a liar and someone who lies. Evidence was responding to a live by Mai TT in which she accused her of involving Mr Obinas family in their drama. Evidence tellS Mai TT  i know your every move and Obina has two sons with a South African woman. 

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Guys if you want to troll on me or my affairs better not touch people you don't know. 
This Evidence is going way out of line destroying people s relationships and making me to argue with my Obinas relatives. 
This Winnet Eze I once wished happy birthday is Obinas brother's wife not Obina s wife. 
These lives she s doing involving people who never wronged her or done anything is now costing ....
Please I have had enough and if you want my down fall , attack me not people who got nothing to do with you.
This family does not talk and now Evidence is causing a lot of issues. 
Evidence I ve warned you .... wazofarisa last. 
Wazoyenderera and wazoyendeyerera. 
Let me promise you ....THIS WILL NOT END WELL.....


Evidence Chihera Clapback To Mai TT & Mr Obina Musanyepere Vanhu Relationship Yenyu Is Fake

Evidence Chihera is not buying the latest video and post by Mai TT & Mr Obina that they are a real couple and happly in love. Chihera believes that Mr Obina and Mai TT are desparate and trying to prove to the world they are a couple. Evidence pointed that the kitched in the latest video posted by Mai TT  is not the same kitchen she posted a few weeks ago as Mr Obinas kitchen

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