Freeman & Levels Set Record Straight On Attending Ginimbi All White Party & Not His Funeral

Musician Freeman & Hitmaker Levels of Chillspot Records are setting the record straight  on why they are not attending Ginimbi's funeral. Level and Freeman are Brand Ambassadors for 1202Herbal and are starting a tour on Friday which will prevent them from attending Ginimbi's funeral which will be held on Saturday.

Fans reacted negatively when Freeman responded to a fan who had asked him why he was not attending the funeral but had attended Ginimbi's all white party. Freeman responded by saying "Nekuti kwaita rufu hazviti ndiregere kushandira mhuri" Just because there is a funeral it does not mean I can't work to feed my family.

Family of popular Zimbabwean socialite and millionaire, Ginimbi Genius Kadungure - wey die for motor accident on 8th November say im want pipo wey wan attend im burial to wear white dress.

Dis all-white dressing wey everybody must wear come di burial dey similar with Ginimbi trademark dressing for di lavish parties wey im dey always host while e dey alive.

Di family say di wearing of white cloths na part of Ginimbi funeral plan and dem go do di burial for im mansion inside Domboshava on Saturday .

During one interview with tori pipo, The Herald, Ginimbi eldest sister, Juliet tok say her brother use to tell dem say e want huge send-off.

"Genius na fun-loving character, e dey always remind us about how e want im funeral to be. In fact, e get di plan for ground and dey always tok say 'ndiri big', so make sure for my funeral, you no hurry-hurry bury me."

"Take time to plan for my burial. Check my requirements well and one of di tins be say I want everyone wey go come my funeral to dress in all white, no mata who. Please, make sure you tok am plenti times. Remember, say I be all-white guy. Di all-white need to be on di day of burial." Juliet say na wetin im brother, Ginimbi bin tell dem before e die.

Juliet say according to di plan, dem go get to wait for Ginimbi oda friends wey dey abroad to come for di burial.

"Ginimbi go tok say, make sure you get in touch with my oda friends abroad and wait for dem to come. Dat na why we dey tok say for now di burial go begin on Thursday and for now pipo dey gada for our papa residence wey dey 400 metres away from Ginimbi mansion."

Madam Juliet say dem don set up one tent because plenti pipo dey com from all 'walks of life' and we no fit accommodate all of dem for di mansion.

"We go arrange one tent for friends and fans, then anoda VIP tent, we go bury Ginimbi on Saturday for im yard as e wish to. E dey very difficult for us as family and we dey kindly request di public to respect us and avoid spreading bad rumours.

She add for now, we don put family spokesperson wey be Clement Kadungure. Anything you wan hear wey no come from am, no be true.

Juliet tok say no be say di family dey stop pipo from mourning Ginimbi for im mansion, as social media dey report, but di reason why di funeral dey happun for di oda side na to accommodate everyone.

"You fit think say di yard dey big, but e no dey big to accommodate everyone as you know many pipo dey come," she tok. "Like I tok, we don decide to pitch tents for di open space near my papa house. Na also for di security of dihouse."

Juliet tok say Ginimbi dey always wish make dem turn im house to museum or hotel upon afta e die.

"We go invite some local artistes so dat dem go perform on Friday wen im body go lie in state for im mansion," she tok. "Remember, Genius na im own G-Entertainment wia e promote some local artistes, so we go do im wishes and dem go also dress in white."

Chief executive officer of Ginimbi G4K security company Dr Peter Gwaza, tok say some pipo dey come with di intention to tiff Ginimbi property.

"We don already catch two pipo wey don tiff plastic chairs," e tok. "Again, di house get plenti property wey we need to protect. I respect di decision wey di family take to do di funeral outside di mansion."


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