Gilberts Wife Produces V11 Of Marriage Certificate To Prove Mai TT Cheating With A Married Man

My name s Priscilla Ampofo and I’m One of Gilbert s wives from Ghana. I m seeing this woman Mai Tt pictures with him on facebook and I’m not suprised. Gilbert came to Ghana to establish his company and I helped him with everything he needed, knowing his way round Ghana and everything.

He proposed and married me , promised to bring me to the Uk but up to now I’m still stuck in Ghana. It hurts me because I’m the one who was doing the most for him to succeed in Ghana but now he s totally neglecting me and his child .

I have been  trying to get hold of him but it seems that woman he is with is controlling him . He needs to pay fees for his child but he has blocked me everywhere. I tried to reason with him but he left with no choice than expose him since he s now dating this famous woman. He has got several women he gave babies and all of them are crying because he doesn’t take care of none .

This woman doesn’t have the right to control someone who is supposed to be responsible for his children , she also doesn’t have the right to answer Gilbert s fone .

I need help to come to the Uk and all I wanted was Gilbert to assist me but this lady blocked him . Please help me .

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