Ginimbi All White Party 2020: Guide What Yo Need To Know

Genius Kadungure popularly known as Ginimbi knows how to throw a party.
Not even the COVID-19 national lockdown regulations can stop the flamboyant businessman from celebrating his birthday by hosting the infamous all-white party. The flamboyant businessman is scheduled to throw his annual all-white party tomorrow, 10 October 2020.

This is all you need to know about the 2020 edition of Ginimbi’s all-white party:

Dress Code And Venue

Since its an all-white party the dress code is obviously white from head to toe. The party will be held at Ginimbi’s luxurious Domboshava Mansion.

In the past, Ginimbi has flown his guests to countries like Botswana and South Africa where the parties were hosted. Alcohol is always free at Ginimbi’s all-white parties.

It’s Strictly By Invitation
Ginimbi’s 2020 all-white party is strictly by invitation. This was confirmed by his brand manager Shaleen Nullens who advised people to stop trying to force their way to Ginimbi’s annual All White Party.

Shaleen advised people not to show up to the party if they have not received an invitation unless they want to be embarrassed.  Ms Shally said:
My reaction when people call me saying I still have not received my invitation to Ginimbi all white party . LIF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN INVITATION PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP 😚 let’s celebrate Genius, such an amaizing soul filled with Love, laughter and the King of show off🤣, his imperfections makes him perfect #bestie4life #geniusallwhite #shampopo

Killer T Is One Of The Invited Guests

Zimdancehall musician Killer T is one of the invited guests at this year’s All White Party.

The musician was showed off his invite on social media. Some prominent people are obviously going to be part of the invited guests. Celebrities like Pokello, Stunner, Acie Lumumba, and Chief J have attended previous parties.

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