Ginimbi Funeral Program Released

Ginimbis Funeral Program has been released See the program Below

The recommendation letter for the conferment of hero’s status on Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure purported to have been authored by ZANU PF Mashonaland East leaders may have been proven to be fake, but villagers in Domboshava consider the deceased businessman their “national hero”.

The villagers yesterday described the late Ginimbi as a generous figure who will be missed in his community.

In separate interviews at their respective homesteads, a number of villagers concurred that Ginimbi was a man with Domboshava at heart.

“He put Domboshava on the map. He had a lot of money and could afford to buy a house in Borrowdale but he chose his roots,” said Spencer Saidi.

“He developed this area, we have a tarred road and electricity all because of this man. I would say this is a great loss to the community. He was a very generous man. Those who were not afraid to approach him can testify.”

Another villager, Esther Sachiti, said: “He was helping a lot of people, especially the elderly without making it public. There are a lot of things that we know as villagers that never got to public platforms.”

Ishmael Shandira, said Ginimbi brought “Borrowdale” to Domboshava.

“He brought Borrowdale and top class lifestyle to Domboshava and people were coming here. We could see expensive cars coming driven by popular people, which those from leafy suburbs fail to experience. We salute him for that. He is our hero. Ginimbi is a Domboshava hero, our national hero,” said Shandira.

Just what is it that determines a hero – national or otherwise? What will happen when all the war veterans, collaborators and other Zimbabweans that participated in the war of liberation are dead? Who or what will determine whether one is worth of the country’s highest honour?

Simon Chimbetu was declared provincial hero, Cde Chinx a liberation war hero, Oliver Mtukudzi a national hero; when will people that impact their communities the way Ginimbi did be recognised?

What honour is given to people that build roads where governments have failed, businessmen that electrify their communities and pay school fees for an entire school without telling a soul about it? When will they be recognised?

The people of Domboshava, in their small way have declared Ginimbi their “national hero” perhaps authorities must pay attention.

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