Hanzi Na Mai TT At This Juncture Ndoda Kukumbira Ruregerero Kuma Fans Angu Panyaya YaApongosi Tinashe Maphosa

I want to take this time to apologize to all my dear fans who have been with me and for me from the beginning till now .

I’m not perfect because I’m only human thts why you see each time when provoked I go to the extreme with my anger .

I don’t know how to control my anger and I end up saying things I do not want to expose ending up exposing myself in the process.

I’m someone who builds other people be it business, charity work, assisting people etc. I even counsel other people s marital problems and I do not encourage divorce or women to disrespect their husbands, yet I’m not in a perfect marriage myself but I never tell people do as I do but I always say do as I say . I’m judged a lot because I’m outspoken and all my life I defend myself and my defense is very brutal at some point it alway leave people thinking I’m always wrong because I lose control.

I’m not going to justify myself because i know sometimes I go overboard with my emotions and can’t take everything I say back .

The story that is so trending about my marriage has been twisted in a lot of ways now people are divided and have their opinions about the truth that nobody really knows till now . I have been trying to shut up but my husband kept poking me and started this war on social media. I never meant to come and wash my dirty linen in public because I respected this marriage because it took a lot from me and I sacrificed a lot for it to stand . I curse myself now , regrett why I did not leave when I had the chance but honestly you will never understand how I will be made to believe it will work.

I ve been really deep about things wich were meant to be swept under the carpet but because of the pressure I couldn’t hold it anymore. Of course as usual I’m blamed for everything that happens to me but Godknows I try and I truly give my all in trying to make things work. My heart is too big and too tolerating it always lands me to regret. So many things I regrett right now but also so many things I learned because we learn from every mistake we make .

This story that everyone wants a piece of is already out but the truth is still not out . I’m in a position were even I keep quiet it’s too late but rather let me say the truth so it sets me free . In the meantime I can only say people are entitled to their own opinions so I can’t oppose anything at the moment. Just like my husband is gathering things to ruin what I have worked for I’m also gathering everything from the beginning to the end . As it stands he sent summons to shut me up but I will not be silenced by someone who brought our marriage issues on social media whilst I was trying to protect it knowing how it was going to blow .

That brings me back to when you start a war do not now expect the other to sit back whilst you punch them anyhow. I had told him to stop doing all he s doing but he knows social media is were my bread is battered and he wants to ruin everything for me .

He knows that’s were people trend by insulting me hence he s everywhere trying to make sure brings me to my knees .

I’m still going to come out and say everything because the dirty linen has already been washed a quarter of it.

If he was a true man he would come and talk things out but he decided to take it to my workplace wich is a no go area. I ve worked so hard for my brand for someone to just come and take the last breath of me . This will be one of the numerous mistakes I made but certainly I won’t allow it to finish me off .

I apologize to everyone who have been affected by this situation but ey life is a jungle either you eat or you be eaten .

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