Hell Commander -Ice -Amai Koko & Queen Tatelicious Instagram Accounts Get Hacked

Over the weekend a number of top celebrity accounts were hacked on Instagram. The Hell Commander and his side kick Ice got their instagram accounts hacked. American beauty and business woman Amai Koko also lost her Instagram accounts. The biggest shocker is queen Tatelicious who also lost her Instagram account.

The Hell Commander and Ice lost their Instagram accounts after they did several Instagram lives insulting their former best friend Youth President El Gringo & his wife. El Gringo got married and it appears The Hell Commander and Ice had some things to share about the couple which where very negative . A few hours later The Hell Commander and Ice lost their Instagram accounts. El Gringo is a very skillful IT specialist specializing in cybersecuirty and programing. El Gringo had not denied being responcible for taking down his former friends accounts.

Amai Koko also lost her account which she had just recovered after it was hacked a few months ago. Amai Koko lost her account the first time after videos and audios of her and Prophet Israel were leaked. Prophet Israel is a member of Team Twabam and Amai Koko stated that her account getting hacked was payback from team Twabam. So chances are this second hack could be part of an on going revenge plot to shut her down.

Queen Tatelicious was hacked hours after posting and exposing some very powerfull individuals in Zimbabwe and on social media. Tatelicious posted and did a Facebook live exposing a man called Washy for dating and using several high profile women including Zodwa ,Ginimbis ex wife, Hillary Makaya model and former girlfriend of Robert Mugabe jr. The queen of entertainement also name dropped some high profile names on her Facebook live including ZimPraise, Jah Prayzah & Nash Mutarisi. The people name dropped in the live are powerfull  and enfluencial to get a social media account wiped and banned.

It Possibly could be that all these accounts were hacked by the same individuals but looking at events that happened before each accounts was hacked its highly unlikely  1 person targeted these individuals. The individuals who got hacked may of  been targets of revenge from people they exposed and got mad. It may take between1 month to 6 months before owners of these hacked accounts recover them. 
Remember to turn on multi-factor authentication and use complex passwords to secure your social media accounts.

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