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Mai TT Gives Advice To Moana’s Parents Tauriranayi

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21 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Mai TT Gives Advice To Moana’s Parents Tauriranayi

Comedian & Socialite Mai TT posted a video in which she gave some advice to the parents of Moana who was killed in an accident along with businessman Ginimbi. Moanas burial has been delayed as her parents are fighting over how she should be buried. Her father wants her buried according to his Muslim religion and her mother wants her buried in a traditional Christan burial. Watch the video below as Mai TT gives Moanas parents advice.

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THE family squabbles over the burial of late socialite and video vixen, Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli have spilled into the courts after her father allegedly attempted to ‘steal’ her remains.

The late fitness trainer’s burial, which was set for Friday at the Zororo Memorial Park in Harare, has been derailed by clashes between the maternal and paternal families.

Speaking at Parirenyatwa Hospital Friday, one of Moana’s aunts claimed the deceased’s father, Ishmael Amuli came to the same hospital Thursday evening and attempted to ‘steal’ his daughter’s remains at the mortuary when other family members had left.

“We heard that he came to steal the body yesterday around 7 pm when we had left, but he was stopped by the police and hospital authorities who said they required Moana’s mother to be also present,” Moana’s aunt said

. “The burial has been delayed. We are still waiting to hear from Moana’s father who was supposed to collect the body at 10 am and take it to church.”

The long-running family feud has been dragging on since Moana’s death more than a week ago.

The family is also demanding US$5 000 from relatives of the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, who was buried last weekend in Domboshava.

Kadungure was driving his luxurious Rolls Royce that got involved in a fatal crash along Borrowdale Road, burning Moana and two other passengers beyond recognition.

Moana’s maternal relatives have since filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court seeking to stop Ishmael Amuli from proceeding with the burial process.

“We have failed to reach common ground, and so we have involved our lawyers. He (Ishmael Amuli) does not a legal team, but we do.”


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