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Mai TT Issues Public Statement After Backlash For Becoming  Zanu-PF Women's Leader

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15 Aug, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Mai TT Issues Public Statement After Backlash For Becoming Zanu-PF Women's Leader

Mai TT has issues a statement after attacks by many of her fans for joining Zanu-PF. Most celebrities do not link themselves with political parties and Mai TT has linked herself with Zanu-PF and the acklas has forced her to make a public statement.

I have found it necessary to issue this statement following some attacks against me for allegedly belonging to a certain political party.

I would like to state for the record that i am not a politician and have never been one, and do not have any intentions of becoming one. I stand for women and children and take any opportunity to serve women and children because it has been my passion to do so.

I have worked with women from various walks of life. My meeting with Hon. Mavetera was fruitful, and discussed in greater detail some initiatives that we will be undertaking to empower women and the girl child.

I am a Zimbabwean first, and that comes first before anything else. I owe a duty of contribution to my country and I do not take this lightly.

My results are out there for all to see as to the various initiatives that I have been doing in the nation.

Yes I have failed so many things in life eg Marriage, made mistakes but that doesn’t make me unworthy to stand for what I believe in.

Through those abusive relationships And mistakes, I have learnt a lot enough to know what women and children go through, what single moms and widows go through and what the girl child goes through.

Let us learn to make.more friends than enemies. What holds us together as Zimbabweans is stronger than our differences. I do hope that each and everyone of us will learn to put politics aside on issues to do with nation development. Zimbabwe is my home, and that is the only country that i have known and will ever have.

I love every Zimbabwean wether Roma, Methodist, Black or White we are one family.

I shall continue to go wherever I’m called especially when issues of women are involved without fearing that I will be judged because my heart is pure .

I had to share the pictures below circulating to clarify that this meeting had nothing to do with politics as you can see it has got women from different sectors, from different political parties including Mdc was there . It was an initiative open for every woman regardless of where we are coming from because that’s what we need to unite for the betterment of our Nation. Even women of God were there talk of fellow artists like holy 10 etc. I still applaud the people behind the vision because it’s a step ahead for women as a whole, that s why I went there without hesitation because it was something we all wanted to hear. Take time to listen to the entire speech. It was all about Young Women in Economic Development. Empowering women is something that every woman needs to have .

Let’s not always politicise every thing and let’s take time to listen before we conclude that way we have a better understanding.

Once more , thank you for your continued support and always remember…together we Can .

Godbless you.



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