Mai TT Vopindura Obina PaNyaya Yekuvafumura Kuti Vairara Mutsvina Mumaguru Embagumbeze

Imagine a full grown man exposing his failed life all in the name of bitterness. 
All in the name of I want to humiliate her πŸ˜‚
Remember there s nothing that people don’t know the only part they never got to see was your pigster wich he is  now showing the world. 
I found him living in a mukuku claiming he lost all his property to his wife and because I didn’t care about what he lost , I left my beautiful white home and my beautiful white bedding went to meet him in his mukuku, slept on his stinking blankets, ate what he ate because I loved him . 
Later on gave a good life , changed him bought him clothes , took him to expensive hotels , sold my brand new car to help him , all this to show true love . I didn’t care about material things because he didn’t have I cared about his deceiving heart wich I thought oh I found a good poor man and together we will work out something.
Unfortunately he s still the goblin of his village people he decided to steal small change sooner before he could even benefit more -and he ranaway. Back to his mukuku and hunger . 
He tried hitting back 3 weeks ago I quickly reminded him I haven’t forgotten what he did . 
Now because when you are hungry and can’t get the good life again you become angry 😑 leading to posting your own dirty life online. Now everyone knows nomatter how you rant you live in a pigster. 
Oga rest the dirt is yours I’m still sleeping In my white linen . I’m not the one living in a matchbox, I only visited and tried to change your life πŸ˜‚.
For once in your life you got lucky πŸ€ too bad it didn’t last . 
Mumu ,rest this is 2 years later I stooped so low for you that s the definition of true love , you will never find it anywhere except in books πŸ“š. 
I’m typing from England whilst you make noise from mukuku . I beg you no go chop breakfast??
Make noise all you can it won’t bring back anything I’m now very ashamed to even think I gave you a chance in my heart , but ey the things we do for love .Look at how you are embarrassing yourself on social media,please go back to your elders, beg them to release the chains of poverty , you have sufferd my dear it’s time you rest .

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