Mai TT Votenda Tatelicious Mushure Mekunge Aramba Kuti Tinashe Maphosa Avafumure PaPage Rake

Like I said I’m going to bear it all soon

So is Tate not taking Tinashe s side . Nobody is being forced to take sides , at the end of the day , the reall truth will come out . No need to force anyone, we are all adults. Tinashe has a page wich he recently changed from private account to “Public figure meaning he s already taking himself as a public figure , I’m sure he s working on coming on live soon 🤷‍♀️without being told what to do . This guy is 50 years old , old enough to know what to do , hapana kudzvanyirirwa, he s playing his cards smarter than me .He will speak. If nobody is giving him platform ngaauye pano timupe platform. Wifi is there justice should be served .

Thank you Tate for putting our beef aside and standing for me on this one.

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