MisRed Says Zimbabweans Are Not Patriotic & Proud Of Their Country Like Nigerians

Misred posted a video in which she told the world how Zimbabweans are not patriotic like Nigerians who defend and their country even though there is corruption and bad things in that country. Misred suggested that Zimbabweans must praise their country even though people are suffering and getting abused. Watch the video below of Misred.

Many Zimbabweans have felt disrespected by MisRed comments and want her to issue an apology. Celebrities like Olinda Chapel have blasted her for her comments.

Nigerians are fighting police brutality without army interventions. If we are given the chance as a country to demonstrate against police brutality without having gun wielding armies inteference, we would surely do the same.  So please don’t compare Zimbabwe to Nigeria ! 

Rest in peace to all those who lost their lives during protests. 

#zimbabaweanlivesmatter #wearguewithfacts

I think Misred you are being completely disrespectful to the People of Zim . You just need to stop  ! Some comments you make are very hurtful, especially to people like Itai and Patson Dzamara ! And those that were killed by soldiers !

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