MisShally & DJTowers Remember Boss Ginimbi

MisShally the former personal assistant to the late Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi who passed away in November 2020 in a car accident with 3 others, shared emotional and touching stories about her late boss. MisShally was on Instagram and was joined by promoter DJTowers who was being mentored by Ginimbi. Watch the video below as they share stories about Ginimbi.


Misshally and DJTowers told fans it was still emotional for them to accept that Ginimbi was gone. MisShally told fans she still could not bring herself to look at Ginimbi's photos.

Djtowers told fans that when he goes to Domboshava Mansion and Ginimbi is not there he tell himself the boss is on vacation or something. 
Both agreed that Ginimbi was hard working and was someone who did not like drama and was just a kind loving person.

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