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Ndoro Bankruptcy A Wake Up Call For Zim Soccer Players

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23 Oct, 2021 | Posted By:

Ndoro Bankruptcy A Wake Up Call For Zim Soccer Players

Seven out of ten footballers are declared bankrupt within the first two years of their retirement, shocking statistics have shown.

In most cases their bankruptcy is a result of their extravagant lifestyles, complete with flashy cars and sometimes unmanageable upmarket homes.

This is the case with our very own former Warriors, Chicken Inn, Orlando Pirates, Ajax Cape Town and Mpumalanga Black Aces forward Tendai ‘Fire’ Ndoro who for a short stint also plied his trade with rich Saudi Arabian side, Al Faisaly.

Fire is failing to fend for himself, despite the fact three years ago he owned a multi-million rand fleet of cars which comprised a Porsche 718 Boxster, Mercedes Benz S63 as well as a Range Rover.

At a certain point in time, Ndoro was also seen around driving a VW Golf GTI and a Jeep SRT. Apart from the expensive vehicles, Ndoro owned a posh luxurious home in Kyalami, South Africa but come 2021, life has changed the tables for the 34-year-old Zimbabwean born striker.

He has hit rock bottom to the extent he is reportedly trying his luck with Simba Bhora, a ZIFA Northern Region Division One outfit.

A recent report by cited sources who said Ndoro has not been feeling well for some time, but is getting better.

“He wasn’t feeling well, though I can’t go into detail of what was wrong. He is however getting better and even started light training,” the source said.

There are a lot of questions regarding the misfortunes that have befallen Ndoro at this particular time.

Could Ndoro’s alleged “bankruptcy” be a ‘new’ revelation for all Zimbabwean players?


Are managers, player agents, family members and close friends failing to provide our own beloved Zimbabwean players sound investment advice?

Particularly players plying their trade with clubs outside Zimbabwe, including South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America and Saudi Arabia.

t’s not a secret that during the peak of their careers, player’s salaries will be up there, so does that make them stubborn and big headed to take advice?

All these questions really require genuine, frank and suitable answers.

Another important aspect to discuss about is the issue of academic qualifications which may play a back up plan in any case one’s career comes to an end prematurely.

Previously, I mentioned that seven out of ten footballers are declared bankrupt within the first two years of their retirement because they lead posh lifestyles.

Another former Orlando Pirates defender, Zvenyika Makonese resorted to touting in Zvishavane and at one point was accused of stealing a phone.

Former Dynamos player Francis Shonhayi met his ancestors after his death in Cape Town, South Africa, a penniless man as a result of the same disease that troubles most footballers.

In recent years, social media criticised Kaizer Chiefs’ poster boy Khama Billiat after he reportedly spent US$250, 000 on a Rolls Royce.

He was blamed for living a flamboyant life, lacking foresight and lacking advice that could see him invest the large sum of money.

The situation invites two last questions, are people jealous of the footballers’ lifestyles? Or are footballers keeping their investments a secret such that fans are left believing there are not investing?

Albeit, having said all this, please lets support our brother Tendai Ndoro, give him a second chance to re-discover himself.

Mockery, hate-speech and all sorts of abusive speech won’t bring any positive change.

Let’s also share free advice with all our footballers who are still lucky to earn huge salaries, let’s provide them with investment advices.

Lastly, my humble advice to all these players please listen and take advice of those that you trust most, invest and you will continue to enjoy life after football.

It is every person’s desire to live a lavish and flamboyant life but never forget that there is life after football, so prepare for it, failure to do so, probably brace yourself to a live a pathetic and unexpected lowly lifestyle.