Olinda Chapel Sues Former Tyan's Lawyer Rumbidzayi Bvunzawabaya For Malpractice Which Led To Exposing Her HIV Status

Dear FAILED Lawyer . . .

For so many years you have bullied people using your fancy legal “jargon”. You took advantage of so many undocumented Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom. You have left a trail of so many disgruntled clients and many Lawyers in the industry have spent a great deal of time cleaning up your messes. They didn’t have anywhere to complain as they were so afraid of being “deported”.

Fast forward 2019, were you developed an obsession with ME. This started off with you literally calling everyone that knew “him”, offering your “legal services”. I guess for a time you succeed when you were busy calling social services and saying I have mental health issues. I guess you were not aware I had already done a mental health assessment which showed I didn’t have any mental health problems.

That didn’t stop ✋ you. You went on to fight so hard and try and get my children taken off me with your false reports me uour fake news. So many nights I used to wonder if your children where your own, because what mother would go to such lengths to try and have my 3 month old daughter taken off me ???

You went and told your friends and colleagues about my “secret” way before you even did your “show”. They came to me so many of them and couldn’t believe how a professional could such a thing. For months I lived in torture of you talking about my “secret” to whomever you felt fit to slander me to.

I guess the day you aired YOUR show and hoped ratings will shoot the roof, was the day you frank poison to try abs kill me. I mean it’s still on YOUR YouTube channel abs you still get money from our pain.

Fast forward a year later, where is your life now ? We are madly in love and our family is growing. I guess that really hurts you because you have now gone on a witch hunt. Calling my friends and working with Zimbabwe’s very own Piers Morgan to discredit my work. The phone calls you have made ?

You have become a joke amongst your peers, incase you didn’t know.

Did you tell them the real reasons why you are taking a step back from practicing law ? How your actions from a year ago have finally caught up with you ? Did you mention how you now have to answer for what you did in the spirit of trying to destroy me ? Yet even whilst under investigation you do not stop with this obsession to try and destroy me ? Did you tell them so many allegations have been laid before you and they are many. That I am not the only one that you have done this to ??

Or should I be the one that finally speaks up ? Whilst you hurt me publicly. I did all I could to protect me and my children privately. I am speaking a language you can understand. How I pray that one day will come when you will no longer be able to hurt anyone. That one day is very close. May the same shame you wished for me be delivered back to you.

With No regards

Me !


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