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Olinda Chapel Tells 1Njuzu Siyana Neni & Apologize To MisShally First

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15 Apr, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Olinda Chapel Tells 1Njuzu Siyana Neni & Apologize To MisShally First

The drama between 1Njuzu and Olinda Chapel seems to be just starting and not ending anytime soon. 1Njuzu sent an apology letter to Olinda Chapel for the words that had been spoken about Olinda. Chapel was not touched by the apology letter and told 1Njuzu to go and apologize to Mishally someone she has been beefing with for weeks over Millionaire The Hell Commander. See the apology letter below.

1njuzu apology letter to olinda

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Hell Commander Attacks Olinda Chapel

Hell Commander has defended his girlfriend  Njuzu who has been trending on social media recently following her leaked bedroom videos.
It appears the two love birds have since moved on after they attacked Olinda Chapel for remarks she made concerning the two’s relationship.

This comes after Olinda Chapel mocked Njuzu’s leaked bedroom videos and the two took to Instagram Live and took a dig at Olinda Chapel.

The Hell commander was quick to defend her girlfriend saying Olinda’s n_des would have been unattractive.

“Ko dai ari manudes amai Nandi dai nyika iri patwo months vomiting”

To which Olinda responded by telling off The Hell Commander that she doesn’t do such things and that she is not a ZUPCO bus “rinokwirwa nemunhu wese”.
This follows a heated debate on social media after model and social media personality Monalisa Henrieta Chavura, who is popularly known as Njuzu had at least four of her bedroom videos, which are all explicit, leaked onto social media.

Following the debate on social media, initially, Njuzu did not appear very concerned about the leaking of the bedroom videos. The model bizarrely suggested that she was “excited” that other people got to see what she dishes out to her boyfriend socialite and businessman Trevor Mbizvo, commonly known as “Hell Commander.”

After some time, Njuzu made a post on Instagram saying that she was suffering from depression and slammed cyberbullies.

She then blamed rival Ms. Shally, real name  Shallen Nullens, for the leak.

However, in the last few weeks, Ms. Shally has been in the news following a much-publicized love triangle with Hell Commander and Njuzu.

‌Recently, Ms. Shally announced that she was ending her relationship with Hell Commander because she wanted to focus on herself.


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