Olinda Chapel The Bigger Person Forgives & Supports Mai TT’s Dress Bussiness

Letter to Mai Tt from Olinda

"I have been watching, listening. 🙌🏻. I have had so many people inbox me wanting to have the ”last laugh” with me.
Truth be told there is no last laugh in situations like this. I am heartbroken for Felistas. Everyone is in pursuit of happiness and no one will knowingly put themselves in situations that are heart breaking and tormenting to this extend.
She wanted happiness. She wanted to be winning just like each ans every one of us. 
Yes she is loud. Yes tonoitirwa ma 9hr lives tichitukwa. It’s okay. 
But every morning she has to be someone else’s strength so she isn’t allowed to breakdown and cry and she isn’t allowed to fall. I know the feeling.
I do however applaud her for her courage that passed her ego to say “I was played”. Admitting your were played is one of the hardest things to do, because denial will always play a big factor.
So listen little sis. It’s okay, you have been humiliated, dragged, made to look crazy, have had to do worse to prove yourself and more. Now is the time to show them what strong women are made of. We fall but we always rise. So get off the floor, het back to business. Make us laugh again with your skits. 
Be you. 
As for everyone else. I think entertainment is over. This is a real human being going through the worst or it could be God doing his work. Either way let’s support her. Go to her business’s buy a dress or bra. Send her a kind word. Leave nice comments. For it shall all be well. 
If you go to her store and try on a dress with her, send me a video I will buy one dress for( $10 according to her adverts) to 50 women. That's my way of supporting her and the community. 
God bless you all."

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