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Peter Ndlovu Struggles To Pay Maintenance For 13 Children Asks Court Ndinzwireyiwo Tsitsi

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12 Jul, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Peter Ndlovu Struggles To Pay Maintenance For 13 Children Asks Court Ndinzwireyiwo Tsitsi

Mamelodi Sundowns manager and former football star Peter Ndlovu has revealed that he is struggling to pay maintenance for the 13 children he fathered with different women.

The former Warriors star revealed this in an urgent application he filed at the Joburg High Court. Ndlovu appealed to the High Court, to have a garnishee order against him overturned.
This comes after one of his baby mamas applied for and was awarded a garnishee order against him. The woman was awarded a garnishee order of R29 845 per month after she convinced the court that Ndlovu was not taking care of his two children and was in arrears of R140 000.

Ndlovu, on the other side, is saying that he earns a salary of R130 000 per month from Mamelodi Sundowns. Of this amount, he claims that he takes home R82 125,49 after deductions of R50 940,78.

The Warriors legend is pleading with the court to set aside the garnishee order, arguing that if the amount is deducted from his salary, his eleven other children would suffer as he would not be able to adequately take care of their needs.

“I have 13 children, including the two children I have with the first respondent. I’m obliged to contribute and see to the maintenance needs of all 13 of my children. I can simply not afford a deduction of R29 845 per month from my monthly salary.”

Ndlovu also claimed that he only learned of the existence of the two children in 2016. According to him, his baby mama never told him of the birth of the children. He learned of their existence when she filed a maintenance lawsuit against him at the Joburg Magistrate’s Court.

He also refuted that he was in arrears and demanded to know why he had not been given the chance to challenge the garnishee order. He claimed that the case was originally supposed to have been heard on 21 January but was postponed multiple times after court officials said they could not locate the file.

The Mamelodi Sundowns manager also claimed that the woman appeared in court on January 28, 2021, seeking to have the maintenance amount increase. She is allegedly seeking to have the monthly maintenance amount increased to R55 000.
Ndlovu is pleading with the court to set aside the order.

The former Coventry City striker is no stranger to baby mama drama over maintenance of his children. In December, Peter Ndlovu was publicly called out by one of his baby mamas for being a deadbeat dad. The woman wrote a lengthy open letter that went viral on social media platforms. In the letter, Lorraine Makhumalo Sibanda accused the football star of being an absentee father who doesn’t contribute to his son’s welfare.
It is not known how many children in total Ndlovu has, but over the years, he has been taken to court by multiple women over maintenance issues.  In 2004, Ndlovu was successfully sued by a South African woman, Alice Thabulo Miya, for maintenance.

Also in the same year, a Harare woman, Amina Esof, also won a maintenance order against Ndlovu. He is also known to have a child with another South African woman, Pinky Duda.

In 2007, another of his girlfriends, Ntswaki Khathong, revealed that she had miscarried his baby after he assaulted her. In 2011, another South African woman, Lisa Rauteneimer,  filed court papers claiming he had defaulted on maintenance payments for their two children.

According to the Sunday World, Ndlovu was so determined to hide the affair with Rauteneimer, and the existence of the children, that he refused to sign papers for them to obtain birth certificates.


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