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Pokello Leading By Example Get HIV Test For November HIV Testing Campaign

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17 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Pokello Leading By Example Get HIV Test For November HIV Testing Campaign

The queen of swagger is leading by example Pokello took an HIV test online to honor the November HIV Test Month .this campaign is to make people get tested for HIV and be aware of thier status watch the video below as Pokello takes her test.


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I get tested for HIV every 6 months’-Pokello makes stunning revelation

Queen of Swag Pokello has dropped jaws in a health awareness move by revealing that she gets tested for HIV every six months together with her girl pal Jackie Ngarande.

She went on to pledge 5 pairs of her shoes to every woman who records a video of herself going to get an HIV test and dished out very sound advice on reproductive health and HIV.

Pokello Nare reveals her HIV status. The socialite and businesswoman have taken a positive move in the fight against HIV as she revealed her HIV status on her social media platform. Pokello is a role model for so many young Zimbabweans and she has a huge following. Taking positive moves like this makes sure that even her followers will be encouraged to take part in such initiatives. She announced on Instagram in a message below


It’s that time again. For the second year running, November is the month were my #PokelloHIVTesting Campaign encourages young women to get tested, know their Status and share their testimonies.

I’m 4 days late and that’s because I hadn’t gotten the time to get tested myself and it’s detrimental that I lead by example. I have taken my test and the results are there. This year As our Campaign reaches a wider audience, I have incorporated all the Brands I represent in this initiative. Namely @chickenhutzw, @brandsforlesszimbabwe, @skylakeboreholeszim, @ric_chasers, @hairbypellathecelebritystylist and @the_spa_borrowdale .These Companies are passionate about corporate social responsibility and will be an intricate part of my 2019 Campaign.

The Rules still apply, to stand a chance to win our prizes, all you have to do is DM your results ( whether positive or negative) at exactly Midnight every Friday. The DM that reflects first wins. Winner Results will be shared on the page only with your consent. Confidentiality and identities will be protected for those uncomfortable with their results/testimonies being made public.

My initiative aims to remove the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS that had made so many women live in fear of knowing their Status. I am passionate about the mental and physical well being of young women and always encourage that knowing your status allows you to live a life that benefits your health and protects you from getting infected or re-infected. Throughout this month you will learn everything you need to know about the virus and how people are now able to live normal lives. PokelloHIVTesting


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