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Prophet Magaya Delivers Tatts From Drugs  & Reveals Her New Boyfriend Boss Tindo Gosso

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19 Sep, 2021 | Posted By:

Prophet Magaya Delivers Tatts From Drugs & Reveals Her New Boyfriend Boss Tindo Gosso

Prophet Magaya delivered Moana’s sister Tatts from drugs as she revealed her new boyfriend Read more

Founder of PHD (prophetic healing and deliverance) Prophet w magaya healed fitness genre Tatts ,sister to the late Moana from drugs “Kutsomwa” Tatts dragged her self into drugs soon over she lost her sister she was taking harmful drugs the like of Mbanje ,Mutoriro ,musombodia.

She recently accused her mother of practicing witch craft and visiting witch doctor trying to resurrect Moana’s spirit to avenge her death and haunt people who take her belongings and properties 
“I have no bad intentions over my mother l will aways be sorry over all the accusations l have 

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Moana’s sister ‘Tatts’ Breaks Down, Accuses Mother Of Murder

Tatts, Moana’s sister, seems to have reached breaking point after a video of her throwing tantrums at her mother, accusing her of killing her sister, went viral.

In the viral video, she seems to be intoxicated with alcohol as this side of her has never been seen before. This video has however proved some truth about some allegations that were labeled by Moana’s father during Moana’s funeral.

During Moana’s funeral, where the father accused his ex-wife of being reckless and cold hearted, the recent video is said to have been recorded by the mother, which most social media users said she is being cold-hearted.


The sibling of Moana is heard accusing her mother of killing the fitness bunny. Tatts, who has been posting pics of herself carrying on her sister’s legacy of being a fitness bunny, is seen losing it and walking up and down as she speaks the words.

No official statement has been made by the family. But it is clear from the video that it was the mother who she was talking to.