Rimo Tells TechMag Ginimbi Bought Everything On Credit

Ginimbi’s closest friend, Rimo Jackson, who lived in the same house with Ginimbi, revealed that Ginimbi used to borrow huge sums of money to finance his personal and business transactions.

Rimo told Techmag that when  Ginimbi bought his Rolls Royce, he did not have money and borrowed the money and then replaced it afterwards.

However, when pressed to name who was providing the money to Ginimbi, Rimo became evasive.

Rimo dismissed rumours that Ginimbi had a snake that would spit money and said “if Ginimbi had such a snake, I would have stolen it from him and kept it for myself”

Rimo blamed jealousy among Zimbabweans as the reasons for the persistent rumors’ and failure to accept that someone can make it without supernatural means.

Rimo also dismissed rumors that he and Ginimbi were in a relationship. He said Ginimbi loved women, the same as himself and the rumours were hurtful to him in the beginning.

Key Points

  1. Rimo said Ginimbi was well placed to act as a middleman as many people who did not want to work together would come to him and he would come out on top in such deals.
  2. Rimo sadi if Ginimbi had a snake that spits money, if people who said this already know his secret to wealth, then why did they not do it? They must go and get their own snake as well.
  3. Rimo said people who said such things are people who are jealousy of the empire that Ginimbi has built.
  4. Rimo said as Ginimbi would say, he built a mansion in the middle of nowhere. If it was possible for a snake to spit money then dont you think snake park would be closed on some days when they are busy manufacturing money?
  5. Rimo says he has heard about people who make money using magical means he personally does not believe in that.
  6. Rimo says Ginimbi started from nothing, and his hunger is what got him where he was. He was a bulldozer. He was not educated but was very intelligent, and he would give advise to someone with degrees. He knew how to talk to people who are in business. His empire was not easy to build. It took a lot of hard work.
  7. Rimo said Ginimbi would take things on credit and that would make him work extra hard because he knew he had to cover for the debts. That Rolls Royce he bought it on credit.
  8. Ginimbi bought the Rolls Royce with money from the business and he knew that sooner or later that money had to be replaced.
  9. Rimo said Ginimbi taught him that hard work pays off.
  10. Ginimbi had many businesses, not only gas. The money from the gas would fund a project somewhere else.
  11. He also had the entertainment business “Dreams” and Nightlife.
  12. Rimo said it is not only about the gas, its about how you sell the gas. If there was any openings, Ginimbi would take advantage for those gaps.
  13. If Ginimbi knew that there was a customer who wanted a lot of gas, he would borrow from other people and would then buy enough gas to meet a the demand and make a lot of money.
  14. Ginimbi would usually move 2 to 3 trucks a day. However, he would make it a point that he would make up to 50 trucks a day.
  15. Rimo says he was very close to Ginimbi.
  16. Ginimbi grew up with Kit Kat, who is based in SA. When Kit Kat was in Zimbabwe, they all moved together. But, Kit Kat was his closest friend.
  17. Rimo says he first knew Ginimbi in 2010, but in the last few years they got closer.
  18. Rimo said he stayed at Ginimbi’s mansion.
  19. Rimo says he never responded to allegations that he was dating Ginimbi.
  20. Ginimbi was a business partner in the entertainment business.
  21. Rimo said people knew that Ginimbi loved to be surrounded by his friends. Kit Kat and Miss Shally also lived at the mansion when they were in Zimbabwe.
  22. Those rumors have always been there but it was just jealousy. People don’t understand that people can just be friends.
  23. Ginimbi would never look at another man or even think about it.
  24. The Zimbabwean society is harsh. People tend to conclude based on the smallest of things.
  25. Rimo said in the beginning, those rumors’ used to affect him. But when he looked at the people who started those rumors’ he realized that the best way to do was to ignore it.
  26. Rimo said Ginimbi wanted to be buried in his yard because he wanted his house to be a museum. He wanted people to come and see where he lived. He was a legend. So, in the event that he died, he wanted the house to be a hotel or a museum. So that when people toured the house, they would say “I want to see where Ginimbi lived, what he drove, what he wore”, and then they could pass by his grave as part of the tour”.
  27. Rimo said the Domboshava house was Ginimbi’s pride. The house used to be orange. Ginimbi renovated it completely. Ginimbi renovated the house because he now had more exposure. Rimo said every country that Ginimbi visited, he came back with a new idea. He would take pictures of houses and implement the ideas.
  28. The new buildings on the compound matched the main house, the pool was not there, everything is new, the landscaping is new, the trees are new. Ginimbi did all these renovations knowing that he would turn the house into a hotel or a museum.


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