Rutendo Samas Ex Lover Meister Cee Promises To Expose Her After She Told Fans He Cried Like A Baby Anakirwa

Rutendo Samas Ex Lover Promises To Expose Her After She Told Fans He Cried Like A Baby Anakirwa

Socialite Rutendo Samas blasted ex lover Daniel Chikwava aka Meister Cee telling fans he cried like a baby after I tea bagged him “ ndakamuyamwa machende akawona miri kunge mukuyu kunge hwiza” said Samas.

These comments did not please Daniel Chikwava who posted that he was going to expose Rutendo Samas. Daniel posted the following.

Team-Tunda Inaugural Live


Hear it from Mr. Mutundisi himself & Surprise Guest

10pm PST


Fans responded to his post saying

Meister Cee musazokanganwewo kutiudzawo zve tea bag zvamainzi maibowa murume mukuru tizozviitirawo ana daddy kumba

this is exactly the reason why I will never make my relationship public again...all the best to both of you x

Could the mystery guest be Shadreck Gandire

yooh ndapera strong ini 

mwari tibatsirei nyika yedu zvimhu hazvina kumira mushe.

surprise guest  ari Loveness 😂. Vanhu do crazy things for fame.My gut is telling me kuti drama ra Loveness rese is staged.

Bvanyangu Tadzo Mafirekureva lol wat a sad way to get fame.Such a miserable life indeed if you have to go to those extremes .Seems a bit much though for  just a bit of useless fame from people that dont even give u single penny.We just like drama so we will come watch and simply move on to the next drama.😂


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