Snakeundergrass NdaBroka Handina Mari YeRent Neyekuchengeta Mhuri - Management Yangu Yakandisvipa

POPULAR comedian London Boy, who rose to temporary stardom on social media for his viral “Snake under grass” skit, is crying foul after being dumped by his long-time managers Rare Musik for reportedly being “difficult to work with”.

Born Obrien Tandaira, the comedian rose to fame under the management of Rare Musik.

But recently he was dismissed, which has seen him losing several deals and sponsorship from corporates.
In an interview with The Sunday Mail Online, London Boy said his dismissal was a turning point in his life.

“To be honest, I was left stranded after I was dumped by Rare Musik because they were key funders of my projects,” he said.

He also said he is now finding it increasingly difficult to pay rentals at his small apartment in Mabvuku, including supporting his wife and four kids.

“Every day I am always stressed about how I can feed my family. You know, as the bread winner, everyone always looks to you,” he said.
“To reconcile is my prayer. I am pleading for negotiations with them so that we can start to work together once again.”

However, Rare Musik founder and manager Mr Blessing Mzaza said London Boy was unhelpfully undisciplined.

“It is very difficult to work with London Boy,” he said in a terse response.

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