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Social Media Celebrates As Comedy Queens Mai Titi & Madam Boss Reunite

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15 Jul, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Social Media Celebrates As Comedy Queens Mai Titi & Madam Boss Reunite

In a rather surprising and unexpected turn of events, it seems like queens of comedy Madam Boss and Mai Titi have reconciled.

Mai Titi and Madam Boss pulled a stunner yesterday and left their fans in awe after they posted pictures and videos of their reunion out of the blue.

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If any of the videos and pictures are to go by, it seems like Madam Boss and Mai Titi finally decided to rekindle their friendship and bury the hatchet.

It is not a secret that the country’s best female comedians Tyra Chikocho mostly known as Madam Boss and Felistas Edwards also known as Mai Titi were once frenemies.

Last year the two had a huge fight that saw Madam Boss firing shots at Mai Titi and called her incompetent. Her followers joined the discussion and dragged Mai Titi on the former’s behalf.

Mai Titi did not let the shade slide as she also fired back some shots at Madam boss and threatened to reveal some of Madam Boss’ secrets that included cheating on her husband and many other deep dark secrets.

Taking to social media, Mai Titi expressed how happy she was to finally reunite with her friend after such a long time. She went on to thank Zodwa Mnkandla and Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts & Recreation Tino Machakaire encouraging them to kiss and make up. She wrote;

“Some always say we copy each other with Tyra. We used to be the best buddies tsika tsika nditsikeo we went Shopping together, shared a lot together, fought together and we were just like sisters. We had a lot in common therefore the things we do all the time are almost similar because we were once sisters. Whatever came between us friends and betrayal paved a gap and so much hatred between us but deep inside we missed each other. I just want to thank @zozomkandlaofficial who fought fr this reunion and @Honourable Machakaire who made us meet up and said now there is the wrestling ground with no cameras 🎥. Fight 😂. We are too weak to fight each other because we got untold stories we shared together with Tyra. Life is too short truly to keep hurting each other. I have forgiven and missed you na fwend. May we learn to settle issues without 3rd parties. That way our sisterhood will go far. I missed you, my old friend.”

As if that was not enough social media users were in for a treat yesterday, as Mai Titi also reunited with Prophet Passion Java. The two socialites once had a long-standing feud last year. They all went to the airport to welcome Rhumba legend Koffi Olomide who is working on a duet with singer Roki under the sponsorship of Prophet Passion Java.


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