Socialite Jackie Ngarande Accuses Shashl Of False Rapecase Charges Against Producer Levels

Hours after Shashl filed rape charges against Levels her former lovers socialite Jackie Ngarande blasted Shashl with the follwing statement.

Falsifying rape is a direct insult to genuine rape victims,women ,young girls and boys are being raped daily in this country,recently an eight year old was raped and rape is not something to joke about .

Who will stand up for the boy child or man that are falsely accused for rape everyday in this teapot shaped country ,As society we have to put a stop to the one sided GBV narrative and call for stiff penalties to all those who have been found of falsely accusing men of rape.

Say No to rape.

Say no to all form of sexual violence.

Say no to false allegations.


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