Tatts Visits Her Late Sister Moana’s Grave

o the angel appointed to look over me
Here’s a message I wish for you to deliver to heaven
Please 🥺 tell Michelle I miss her and I’m coming up there to see her real soon I hope
Tell Michelle I love her and I pray every night before I go to sleep

That God up in heaven hears my prayers and takes me to live with my sister again
everyday I wait for Mimie to come and get me
So I can pour it out to her
Because I knew I could always go to her
when the going got tough
And the road made me tired and weary
But now that I can’t go to her
can God kindly allow her to come to me
The world got scarier after she left
The nights are colder
The walls of my room can speak now
The voices in my head say I need help
But not help from them
Cause the only one who would know what exactly is broken in me would have been you my left hand guy 💔
Its been days , months but it’s still fresh to me 💔😔
Most have forgotten and moved on
But I’m still were you left me
Pained, broken, alone and afraid @moana_ty22 🕊🙏🏽

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