The Most Educated Man On Mafira Kureva Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Of Mai TT & Tinashe Maphosa Short Lived Marriage

The following is a missive I authored on April 10, 2022. I was intellectually crucified by cat family and they conveniently flashed the “ godo” card on me. In hindsight, what I authored has now come to pass . Be that as it may , I wish Felistas a speedy recovery. More importantly, it’s imperative to do things for yourself not to impress people . My great grandfather taught me never to “ kick a man when he is down “ .

“In the wake of a momentous wedding of Tinashe and Felistas , it’s natural for myriad of people to be left agaze in awe and stupefaction. Palpably, when one historicises and contextualises the genesis of their relationship that culminated to this event, in a very short period of time, one can easily conclude that something is weird about this phenomenon. They have broken the record in the historicity of Zimbabwe for the shortest courtship that culminated to a wedding .

For the record , Felistas came here to the United States of America in October 2021 wherein she was dating Shepard. They were together until mid November when Felistas started courting Tinashe . Barely three weeks from the commencement of their courtship, we saw Tinashe and Felistas furnishing their marriage certificate wherein they were joined in holy matrimony in the State of New Jersey. That’s very strange.

To compound the mystery, barely a month later , Tinashe paid lobola in Zimbabwe. The world was shocked yesterday barely 5 months later from the commencement of their relationship Tinashe and Felistas had a momentous wedding . This is very strange indeed.

Given the above reality , we can conclude that this “ holy matrimony “ was conducted fast and furiously . Tinashe in this picture is even confused as he looks at the humongous cake . We all know Felistas life because she declassify her dossiers in the streets of social media. Clearly, something is strange about this marriage . Only time will tell if it passes the litmus test. The test of time .

Presciently, I know some cat family will moronically , baselessly and conveniently flash the “ godo” card on me for deciphering this eerie phenomenon. Quit conceptualizing this phenomenon through a prism polluted with emotions and intellectual laziness. The speed at which this was done exhibits proclivities of strange behavior.

In a nutshell, this phenomenon was unorthodoxly executed . Period !

Daddy Gwiri!!”

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