The Peoples Champ Acie Lumumba Breaks His Silence On Lies & Betrayal By His Ex Wife Lilian Madyara

After more than a year of dealing with health issues and losing all his wealth, his wife abandonning his in his time of need.The Peoples Champ Acie Lumumba is breaking his silence. Acie Lumumba in recent days has vowed to fight back and tell his story of betray and personal attacks by those who were once close and loyal to him.  See the post below from Acie on his Instagram Account .

I just learnt with the deepest regret via social media my sons mother is building a grand character assassination about me with the aid of her lover who will do anything to separate me from my son, she has asked the courts to never let me spend time alone with him and used lies to validate her wickedness.
Before you all judge me, please wait for my line by line response, I will sue her to a lie detector Ti verify the mistruths. You have to be so dark and wicked to do what she has done, what a sinking damage to my brand. She lied to get ahead of the narrative; but let's deal with it soon. I am e to be in this position. I am a lot of things, but I am not a bad father. She has done the unthinkable and I forgive her, I just would like to set the public record straight.

What a painful painful existence I am experiencing today. I lost my father and mother, I get along with 2 of 9 siblings, that boy is my life. I would have never made this a public matter, but the damage they are attempting is beyond imagination. I ask u pray for me at this time. This is so so painful. They are coming for the brand, but if u know me, you know me, if you don't, you don't. Dear Lillian, I know Zweli and Scott promised u I won't do anything. They are very very wrong.

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