Tinashe Maphosas 3 Children Did Not Attend The Wedding

It appears like Tinashe Maphosa brother was his only family member at the wedding. Again his teenage son and 2 young daughters were nowhere in sight during his big day.

Fans of Mai TT are starting to ask why Tinashe has not brought his kids to meet their new step mother and step sisters.  Fans were expecting to see more of Tinashe side of the family during this wedding 


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Cat Family Questions Why Tinashe Maphosa Has Not Posted About His Wedding To Mai TT On His Social Media

Fans of  Mai TT have started asking some questions about the marriage of their cat mother  and American Tinashe Maphosa. Many of Mai TT fans have started following Tinashe on Facebook and what is strange is that Tinashe has not posted videos or photos of their  recent wedding to Mai TT


Cat family are stating to wonder that their new cat father is not sharing with his family and friends news of his marriage to Mai TT. Below is a screenshot of Tinashe Maphosa's Facebook page

Below are comments from mebers of the cat family who are suspicious of Tinashe Maphosa.

Arikunyara kuposta wedding yake nekuti mahure ake anozvoziva kuAmerica.

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